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Fixed Access Health Index

Get the network knowledge you need to meet your operational and financial objectives


You’ve invested heavily in your fixed access network. Now you need to increase both operational performance for your customers and financial performance for your shareholders.

You need to start with an assessment of your current network before designing an improvement plan that will take you towards your targets. As you go, the challenge is measuring what really matters most. If customer satisfaction drops 3% while network performance increases 5%, are you still moving in the right direction?

Nokia Fixed Access Health Index tells you exactly the way it is. It may measure around 200 criteria covering things like availability, configuration, security and performance, but what makes it unique is its simplicity for you.

The Index provides a single score that tells you how well your network is performing. And because it’s a standard Index applied to many networks, we can also anonymously benchmark your network against your peers. It provides clarity and a single point of focus for all your stakeholders. Use it for an initial assessment to develop your improvement plan, or apply it at regular intervals to show progress towards your goals.

A benchmarking and measurement framework

Nokia Fixed Access Health Index is a benchmarking and measurement framework for continuously improving your access network and services:


  • Includes around 200 checks covering availability, configuration, lifecycle, performance, reliability, scalability and security.
  • Enables improvement programs to be tailored to your specific needs, pace, resources and expertise.
  • Anticipates and guides future improvement actions.
  • Allows you to (anonymously) benchmark against other networks.
  • Incorporates Nokia’s extensive best practices and global expertise with a standardized approach.
  • Helps quantify the impact of improvement through regular evaluation.

Customer cases

Nokia health-checks and network optimization services have already helped operators:


  • Grow revenues by maximizing network capability.
  • Decrease customer churn by optimizing network quality.
  • Enrich capabilities for optimized network life cycle operations.

Benefits of Nokia Fixed Access Network Health Index

  • Removes the complexity inherent in monitoring multiple KPIs.
  • Gives you a standard benchmark for self-improvement and to assess the performance of your network against your peers.
  • Is a simple, reliable point of focus for all stakeholders.
  • Delivers guidance on both technical and financial improvements.
  • Provides detailed insight to develop a personalized network optimization plan.
  • Can be used as a one-off health check or a recurring barometer of improvement.

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