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Gigabit Connect

Use to bring fiber broadband services to all homes in MDUs and other buildings

Gigabit Connect simplifies fiber broadband deployments in MDUs with


Broadband operators around the world are heavily investing in gigabit-capable fiber networks. Your preferred deployment model is to bring fiber to each and every home.

However, it is often a challenge to bring fiber all the way to apartments in residential buildings. Difficulties with legal or permit issues, or even cable routing, can frustrate full access to the building. solves these problems: you just terminate your fiber in a central location in the building and then use over any existing coaxial or twisted pair cable to bring gigabit speeds to every home.

Nokia’s Gigabit Connect solution makes deployments super-easy. It builds on capabilities but hides any complexity by treating a endpoint exactly the same as a fiber endpoint under a single pane of glass management interface. This is especially important if you specialize in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and might not have the expertise, resources, or desire to manage copper twisted pair technologies.

Gigabit Connect is totally transparent for you as a fiber operator. users can be added with zero impact on network management and zero impact on existing FTTH services.

Gigabit Connect is also transparent for your customers: it gives them the same gigabit speeds and low-latency experience as full FTTH customers.

Benefits and features

Transparency for the customer

  • Gigabit Connect provides the same fiber service experience on FTTH and
  • MDU users get the same gigabit downlink and uplink speeds on all lines.
  • Sub-millisecond average latency on all lines delivers a superior broadband experience.

Transparency for the operator

  • Manage all lines as FTTH connections.
  • Use your existing AMS platform, manage DPUs as fiber multiport ONUs.
  • Or use your Altiplano SDN platform: both enable unified, transparent management for and fiber lines.

Plug-and-play deployment

  • Gigabit Connect works on all types of cable as the last leg: twisted pair or coax.
  • No DSL experience needed: DPUs come pre-configured.
  • Use flexible powering for DPUs: AC or reverse power feeding (RPF).
  • Connect like a ‘black box’ ONU with Ethernet ports in every home: easy and quick deployment with zero touch provisioning. 

Nokia: best in class portfolio

  • A complete end-to-end portfolio: PON OLT, sealed or modular access equipment and CPE.
  • Best 212 MHz performance on all DPUs and CPEs with enhanced cDTA.
  • Best efficiency of reverse power feeding (RPF).
  • Superior vectoring for stable and high-performance noise cancellation, and highest scaling in the industry with the Quillion chipset.

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