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Gigabit Connect

Deliver fiber-like broadband services over coaxial and twisted pair cable in hard-to-fiber MDUs and buildings

Gigabit Connect simplifies fiber broadband deployments in MDUs with MoCA Access™ and

Broadband operators around the world are heavily investing in multi-gigabit fiber networks. Fiber provides the greatest performance, scalability and reliability, so operators prefer to bring fiber to each and every home.

However, installing fiber throughout apartment buildings and other multi-dwelling units (MDUs) can be challenging, requiring costly and time-consuming construction and coordination. Difficulties with legal or permitting issues, or restricted access to cable routing, can even make it impossible to fully deploy fiber in a building.

Nokia’s Gigabit Connect solves these problems with fiber extension technologies that enable operators to easily deliver gigabit and mult-gigabit services over a building’s existing coaxial or copper twisted pair cable.

There are two product lines within the Gigabit Connect portfolio.

Primarily for MSOs/cable operators: Gigabit Connect with MoCA Access works over coaxial cabling in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies with coexistence support for TV and DOCSIS. 

Primarily for CSPs/telcos: Gigabit Connect with works over both twisted pair and coaxial cabling in a point-to-point topology.

MSOs/Cable Operators: MoCA Access

Best-suited for MSOs/Cable Operators: Gigabit Connect – MoCA Access

Nokia’s Gigabit Connect solution with MoCA Access, which uses products from InCoax, solves the connectivity challenge for the large number of MDUs that are too costly or difficult to serve with fiber.

Customers enjoy a gigabit or multi-gigabit, low latency experience just as they would with FTTH. 

Gigabit Connect with MoCA Access can be implemented on both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint coax networks. And the seamless integration of FTTH and MoCA Access allows operators to manage both as a single network under Nokia’s Altiplano Access Controller, making operations simple.

MoCA’s flexible band allocation allows coexistence with legacy services, including cable, terrestrial and satellite TV and DOCSIS, invaluable for cable operators that have not yet moved to IPTV, for those wishing to offer multiple service types in the same building, or as part of a gradual FTTH migration.

Benefits and features

Transparency for the customer

  • Gigabit Connect delivers a quality of experience equivalent to FTTH. 
  • MDU users get the same gigabit downlink and uplink speeds on all lines.
  • Up to 2G/2G and <5 ms latency for superior broadband experience.

Transparency for the operator

  • Gigabit Connect cables managed the same as FTTH connections.
  • Managed together with the FTTH network as a single pane of glass using Nokia’s Altiplano SDAN platform.
  • Flex bands allow coexistence with legacy services including cable, terrestrial, and satellite TV and DOCSIS.

Plug-and-play deployment

  • Gigabit Connect MoCA works on coax in both point-to-point and point-to multipoint configurations.
  • Modems connect to any cable coax outlet in the subscriber’s home for easy self-installation.
  • Both DPU and modems feature zero touch provisioning.

Nokia: best in class MoCA portfolio

  • Complete end-to-end portfolio: PON OLT, indoor/outdoor MoCA Access DPU, and MoCA CPE.
  • Industry-leading products from InCoax are seamlessly integrated under Nokia’s fiber access portfolio.
  • Hardened outdoor/indoor DPU with multiple mounting options.


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