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Gigabit smart build

Building gigabit networks with predictable outcomes


To keep pace with escalating bandwidth demand, fierce competition, and ambitious government broadband targets, operators worldwide are transforming or upgrading their access networks by increasing the high-speed capabilities of their copper loops and bringing fiber closer to end users. But they face many challenges along the way.

Three steps for simpler ultra-broadband evolution

Gigabit Smart Build provides a program management and governance framework that divides broadband evolution into three phases: prepare, deploy and operationalize.

Prepare: Get ready for gigabit

Gigabit Smart Build provides the support that enables operators to maximize ROI by deploying ultra-broadband technologies at the right times and locations. This support focuses on helping operators manage the complexity and cost associated with the adoption of ultra-broadband technologies such as fiber and virtualization.

Deploy: Achieve fast, first-time-right evolution

Gigabit Smart Build helps operators reduce time to market by ensuring that they apply the right skills, tools and methodologies to the deployment process. It offers deployment support in several important areas, including customer self-installation technologies and network build control management.

Operationalize: Control and optimize upgrades and migration

Gigabit Smart Build operationalizes ultra-broadband deployments and turns them into revenue-generating services. This support focuses on enabling operators to migrate services flawlessly, execute smooth upgrades and leverage analysis to keep the network in shape. The service presents operators with several optimization options, including legacy broadband migration, network software upgrades, and network assessments and health checks.

Benefits and features

Nokia Gigabit Smart Build gives you predictable costs and quality, and the fastest time-to-market for your network transformation project.

  • Choose the right technology and strategy with more than 95% accuracy through our Bell Labs patented framework
  • Activate fiber services faster and at 50% lower cost through ONT customer self-activation
  • Migrate legacy broadband networks faster and 99 percent first-time-right with patented methodologies and tools that accelerate and simplify the migration process
  • Half the time-to-market by partnering with the world’s most experienced and skilled multifunctional team with the most advanced automated, industrialized deployment tools
  • Gain expert insight into network performance and capacity management through automation and patented tools for big data analytics
  • Reduce rollout costs by up to 30% and reduce errors by a factor of 3 with a field-proven end-to-end delivery model, blue printed tasks and processes
  • Upgrade broadband networks more quickly and at higher quality with a systematic upgrade methodology and patented toolset



Claim your Gigabit Smart Build advantage

Assured quality:

The service reduces rollout errors by a factor of three.

Fastest time to market:

The service cuts time-to-market in half by minimizing preparation time, accelerating rollouts and increasing rollout volume.

Maximum ROI:

The service increases return on investment (ROI) with end-to-end support that lets you choose the best evolution path, optimize rollouts and lifecycle management, and reduce legacy migration costs.


Fewer errors


Faster time-to-market

> 95%

Best path accuracy


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