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Deliver universal broadband and a superior subscriber experience


The ISAM FD is a high-capacity multiservice access node platform for converged access networks designed to deliver ultra-broadband services to a large number of users in a rapid and cost-effective way.

The ISAM FD platform enables service providers to deploy any service, any deployment model and any technology. The availability of converged services gives flexibility to operators to choose the deployment model that best fits their business case.

For VDSL2 services, the Nokia FD platform offers high-capacity, vectored Vplus/35b that enables broadband speeds of 300 Mb/s and beyond. For fiber services, GPON and point-to-point access technologies are available.

There are two variants of the Nokia FD platform: FD-8 and FD-16. The compact form factor of the ISAM FD-8 shelf makes it ideal for deep fiber VDSL2 access with eight line terminal (LT) slots. The ISAM FD-16 provides industry-leading vectored VDSL2 port capacity with 16 LT slots. The ISAM FD platforms are the most widely deployed access platforms in the world, powering some of the largest FTTH deployments, open networks and advanced VDSL2 deployments worldwide.



Benefits and features

Multiservice platform

  • One platform: any technology, any service, any deployment model
  • Supports GPON and point-to point fiber, VDSL2, 35b/Vplus with vectoring and bonding
  • Cost-effective voice modernization offering PSTN feature parity 
  • Optimized form factors for central office and cabinet deployments 
  • Hardened for indoor and outdoor deployment 

Technology leadership

  • Quillion chipset enables industry-leading vectoring efficiency and capacity 
  • 35b/Vplus and vectoring enables 300+ Mb/s  
  • Smooth evolution from standard, medium, to high-capacity network controller card
  • Network simplicity and unified forwarding with MPLS
  • High-capacity backplane: 2 x 10 Gb/s per slot; high-capacity switching matrix, up to 2 x 320 Gb/s

Advanced operations

  • No single point of failure for network controller and network connectivity: active-active configuration for high reliability 
  • Residential and business services from a single platform and the same easy service creation on both VDSL2 and fiber
  • Sophisticated tools for efficient operations and management
  • Value-added applications that allow fast and easy integration into OSS/BSS for operational excellence

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