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Lightspan SF-8M sealed fiber access node

Multi-gigabit sealed fiber access node for outdoor deployments


New generation of high-performance, sealed fiber access node for deployment anywhere in the outside plant

The Nokia Lightspan SF is a high-capacity, sealed, passively cooled fiber access node suitable for standalone outdoor deployments. It supports a variety of passive optical network (PON) technologies, including GPON, XGS-PON, Multi-PON, and 25G PON. It offers tremendous deployment flexibility with options for mounting on a strand, inside or outside a cabinet, or on a pole or wall, and pluggable powering options including redundant coax, or triple power. Powered by the Nokia Quillion chipset, the high-throughput, power-efficient, low-latency fiber node is ideally suited to support today's and tomorrow’s residential, business, and mobile transport services.

Features and benefits

The sealed fiber node to meet your growing broadband network demands

Multi-gigabit performance  

Enormous capacity with support for GPON, XGS-PON, Multi-PON, and 25G PON, and fully non-blocking, full-duplex throughput.

Deployment flexibility  

Sealed standalone node with IP-67 rating and powering options including redundant coax, or triple power (AC, DC, and RFT-V) for fast and flexible fiber deployments anywhere in the outside plant.

Power efficient  

Optimized Nokia Quillion chipset and passive cooling save power and eliminate potential failure mode, contributing to significant TCO reductions.

Automation and agility

Support for software-defined access networking (SDAN) capabilities with Nokia Altiplano, enabling adaptable architectures, streamlined operations, and reduced OPEX.  

High-performance fiber access anywhere you need it

Nokia Lightspan SF-8M

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