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Lightspan SX/DX

Next-generation programmable micronodes

Lightspan SX and DX are second generation distribution point units (DPUs) designed to complement fiber deployments and provide fiber-like services to customers in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) buildings.

Lightspan SX DPUs are sealed units for harsh outside plant environments or for deployment in MDUs without a dedicated location for telecommunications equipment. Rack mountable Lightspan DX DPUs are ideal for MDUs where rack space is available. As part of the Nokia Lightspan family of access nodes, Lightspan SX and DX micronodes support open standard management models with NETCONF/YANG.  

With Zero Touch Provisioning, operators can increase the speed of deployment by 50% over traditional approaches. In cases where a reverse power feed (RPF) is required, persistent management of all network elements at once - whether online or offline - is supported.


Lightspan SX-4F


Lightspan SX-16F AC/RPF

Lightspan SX-16F AC

Lightspan SX-16F AC

Lightspan DX-16F

Lightspan DX-16F

Benefits and features

End-to-end solution

  • Full suite of MDU access module types and Nokia 212 MHz CPE
  • Unified management as Lightspan SX /DX DPUs become integral part of the PON infrastructure
  • GPON operational model for both legacy and SDAN environments
  • Open and programmable interfaces and standard device models (NETCONF/YANG)
  • Flexible, fast and easy deployment with Zero Touch Provisioning

Any deployment scenario

  • SX: sealed DPU for deployments in the outside plant or in MDU basement
  • DX: rack mounted DPU
  • 4-8-16 port options
  • profile: up to 212 MHz with fallback to VDSL2
  • Local AC or reverse powering (RPF)
  • Any cable type: twisted pair or coaxial
  • GPON, XGS-PON or Ethernet point-to-point uplink options

Fiber services

  • Fiber-like services anywhere in the network where fiber deployment is difficult
  • GPON quality of experience for customers
  • Gigabit downstream and upstream
  • Low latency
  • Best-in-class performance and maximum stability from the vectoring market leader

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