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Control Tower Suite (formerly Network Build Control Management)

Accelerate broadband access deployment with assured quality and within budget

Take control of your network rollouts with Control Tower Suite (formerly Network Build Control Management)

Building or expanding a FTTx network requires solid control over your network deployment project. Network rollout must be achieved at speed, with quality and within budget. It requires knowledge in both passive and active networks, automation of the rollout process and a centralized view of activities and progress to give you reliable and timely project performance data and governance transparency.

Nokia’s Control Tower Suite (formerly Network Build Control Management) service gives you exactly the control you want. It manages complex network rollout projects to improve quality, reduce costs and increase speed through a centralized control so you can accelerate the return on your network implementation. 

Reduce network rollout costs

Reduces rollout costs by up to 30% because of centralized control and subcontractor management

First time right network deployment

Assures 97% first-time-right because of our proven experience and knowledge in both passive and active network rollout

Accelerate network rollout speed

Accelerates rollout speeds by up to 25% because of agile service set up and automated workflows


Custom tailored approach to network implementation


Nokia Control Tower Suite service automates processes, centralizes control, and integrates passive and active rollouts for faster and better results.

The service can flexibly fit into your organization, not to replace your existing tools and teams but to complement them, glue them together, and accelerate them for a better orchestrated network rollout.

A broad set of use cases that suit different needs

Home connection and activation

Control and manage the FTTH home connection and activation process, including customer appointments, field technician dispatching, end-to-end fiber path validation, and service activation. Combine with ONT Easy Start to achieve end-to-end automation across the whole process.

FTTx lifecycle support

Bring our expertise and experience to every stage of your FTTx network implementation and operation, including OLT/MSAN/DPU rollout control, home pass certification and registration, OSP maintenance support, OLT upgrade to XGS-PON and 25G PON.

Anyhaul rollout control

Apply our FTTH rollout knowledge and experience to mobile networks to enable field technicians to easily certify the broadband anyhaul part for passive and active integrated elements.

Project management support

A technology-agnostic use case dedicated to project managers to offload their repetitive work with data integration solutions and process automation, including purchase order tracking and material tracking.

Control Tower Suite service benefits


  • Provides blue-printed processes to reduce network rollout setup time
  • Comes with a lean and centralized team to ensure efficiency
  • Has advanced tooling for process automation and team collaboration to ensure quality at speed 
  • Is vendor-agnostic so you can have consistency across all teams 
  • Comes with mass scalability for nationwide network deployments 
  • Has a track record in working with world-leading operators

How to prepare for an FTTH deployment

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