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Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller

Advanced Wi-Fi management with real‑time, network‑wide control


The only platform you need to manage and optimize Wi-Fi networks

See across your broadband network and straight inside your customers’ homes with the Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller. Your helpdesk gets a real-time, holistic view of the in-home Wi-Fi network to solve issues quickly.

The network operations team can perform proactive Wi-Fi optimization across the whole network, eliminating interference between neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

Your customers get self-optimizing Wi-Fi with vastly improved performance, while you get detailed reporting of network KPIs to identify areas of improvement and upsell opportunities.

Benefits and features

Investment opportunities

Reduce operational expenses

  • Shorten helpdesk calls and reduce truck rolls
  • Solve many issues before they are even noticed
  • Advanced troubleshooting solves any other problems quickly

Real-time visibility

  • Helpdesk agents can see into customers’ Wi-Fi networks in real time
  • See the devices connected, traffic patterns and network issues to quickly solve problems


  • Advanced algorithms perform proactive optimization of Wi-Fi parameters
  • Detailed KPI reporting allows fast identification of improvement opportunities

Device management

  • Easy-to-use app to manage the network and services
  • Cloud platform for the helpdesk and network operations teams

Maintaining unstoppable Wi-Fi

Cloud-based platform

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller gives helpdesk agents and network operations teams visibility and control to solve issues remotely. Troubleshoot congestion and interference, band steering, client steering, airtime management, and CPE fault recovery, and much more. With northbound APIs to interoperate with your OSS/BSS and also to enable you to develop your own mobile apps.

Multivendor platform

The Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller is a multi-vendor platform that gives you true- network-wide control.

Manage Nokia’s mesh-enabled and standard broadband devices. Selected third-party devices can also be managed.

Two powerful consoles for management and visibility

home console

Home Console

The Home Console gives your helpdesk agents a real-time, holistic view of the in-home network. See the network topology, the devices connected and the traffic patterns, to quickly understand the situation and find a solution. The Home Console also gives a 30-day history to check for past problems.

Network Console

Network Console

With the Network Console, your network operations teams have the perfect tool for proactive management. Clever algorithms adjust settings for optimal Wi-Fi performance. Carry out advanced troubleshooting down to the device level, and get detailed reporting across all the Wi-Fi access points in your entire broadband network.

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