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ONT Easy Start

Activate FTTH users faster and at a lower cost

Automation enables simple and cost-effective PON service activation

ONT Easy Start speeds up and simplifies optical network termination (ONT) provisioning. It transforms today’s complex, multi-step ONT activations into an automated process. It provides an easy self-provisioning process that can be used by end user and field technicians to speed up and simplify ONT provisioning. You can increase end user experience while simultaneously cutting ONT activation costs.

Accelerate time to market

Automated ONT activation accelerates the introduction of broadband services up to 25% or speeds up ONT and Residential Gateway(RGW) swap programs.

Reduce operating cost

Customer self-installation allows service providers to reduce ONT activation costs up to 50%. In cases where a technician needs to come onsite, costs are saved by reducing onsite time and preventing configuration errors.

Improve customer experience

Automation reduces errors and increases first-time-right ONT and activations up to 99%. User self-install enables end users to self-install their services at their own convenience.

Simplify activation processes

ONT Easy Start is a vendor-agnostic solution. Service providers can use it to establish one process for the entire PON broadband access installed base.

Automated ONT activation in 3 steps

With ONT Easy Start, you can give your subscribers the high-bandwidth offerings they want sooner — with less hassle. As soon as the ONT is onsite, subscribers or field technicians follow three simple steps to provision broadband services:

  1. Connect to the activation web portal via QR code scan or a captive web portal
  2. Enter assigned user-name and password.
  3. Click once for activation.

Required activation steps and fiber connectivity tests to get fiber customers online are then automatically executed in no time. 


Nokia ONT Easy Start auto-activation solution demo

ONT Easy Start use cases

ONT Easy Start supports multiple use cases. It brings value to both subscribers and field technicians when installing or replacing ONTs. It’s a future proof solution for activating multivendor GPON and XGS-PON ONTs. 


ONT Use case

Choose your preferred ONT activation method

ONT Easy Start provides different activation methods that suit different needs.

Local connection

A PC connected to the ONT, auto-directed to a captive portal to input the user credentials and auto-activate the ONT

QR/barcode scan

Scan a QR or barcode to open a web portal and fill in user credentials to auto-activate the ONT


Pre-scan and assign the ONT in a warehouse. Ship the ONT to the designated end user. End user only needs to plug-in the ONT for auto-activation.

ONT Easy Start key features

One single management portal 

Role-based capabilities

Customer password self-management

Supports 2-factor authentication 

ONT Easy Start flexible deployment models

ONT Easy Start provides flexible deployment models that suits every fiber operator’s needs.


A subscription-based, pay-as-you-grow service. We take care of managing the platform, you take care of growing your fiber customer base at your pace.

Operator hosted

We make sure ONT Easy Start is smoothly integrated onto your preferred public cloud or private datacenter infrastructure.

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