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Outside Plant

Manage end-to-end deployment of your outside plant projects and deliver economic benefits by reducing deployment costs, complexity and risks.


As the need for broadband networks increases, fiber deployments will continue to accelerate globally. Large-scale outside plant fiber optic backbone and fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) deployments can be very challenging, though, as they are extremely complex, the cost/investment is considerable, accessing buildings/homes is complicated, skilled/experienced fiber labor is difficult to find, competitive time-to-market pressures are great, and there are financial, legal and technical risks.

The Nokia Outside Plant service solution addresses these challenges by designing and building the physical infrastructure for your outside plant fiber optic backbone routes and FTTx access networks. This service solution helps to ensure your outside plant designs are optimized and your deployment projects are implemented seamlessly, according to technical specifications and schedule and budget constraints, by reducing deployment intervals, costs, complexity and risks.

Benefits and features of Outside Plant

The Outside Plant service solution manages end-to-end deployment of your outside plant projects and delivers economic benefits:

Increased revenues

  • Accelerates revenue generation due to rapid deployment
  • Decreases subscriber churn as a result of improved customer satisfaction from rapid availability of new services
  • Provides full broadband capabilities for the next 30+ years

Decreased costs

  • Minimizes deployment delays and reduces build-out time frames with a quality solution delivered right the first time, within budget and on schedule
  • Reduces CAPEX and OPEX associated with equipment and resource costs (i.e., not having to own costly expensive outside plant equipment and resources), using a cost-effective delivery model
  • Decreases OPEX/maintenance costs through fiber optic broadband networks, particularly via an FTTx/gigabit passive optical network (GPON)

Decreased operational complexity

  • Simplifies deployment of complex multi-vendor/-market/-technology outside plant networks via a single point of contact for deployment project management and accountability
  • Reduces interfaces with vendors, agencies, and local authorities
  • Provides a comprehensive end-to-end service and material solution

Reduced technical, legal, and financial risks

  • Creates an outside plant design from reliable, survey-based outside cable plant models
  • Provides professional full-scope project execution management by an expert team with a proven track record


The Outside Plant service solution manages end-to-end deployment of outside plant projects, covering all project phases — concept development, tendering, design, and execution.

Deployment delivery management

Project manages delivery of outside plant deployment services — from planning through to project closeout, including, but not limited to delivery project planning, project change management, project communications management, and issue management.

Demand and outside plant site survey

Evaluates actual and forecasted demand by exact locations and demand classes, such as business and residential users. Together with information on the network element capabilities and engineering rules you provide, this data serves as input for the outside plant design.

Detailed design

Identifies (using the demand and outside plant site survey data as inputs) the outside plant elements and functions required to provide the services to your locations.

Outside plant engineering

Specifies what outside plant network elements, material, and labor are required to deploy the design functionality into the network.

Right-of-way acquisition

Negotiates and secures right-of-ways, on your behalf, for outside plant construction, which utilizes permanent or temporary public or private properties.

Material delivery

Sources, temporarily stores at warehouse, and delivers to your construction site project equipment and materials.

Material installation

Installs materials at your construction site, and simultaneously schedules skilled labor, along with specialized equipment, such as cranes and horizontal drilling equipment.

Civil works

Provides the base to encompass specific telecommunications infrastructure elements (e.g., deploys empty conduits into the ground to host telecommunications cables).

Cable works

Performs all work on the telecommunications elements in the outside plant, such as installation of cables, splicing, cable termination, and cable performance testing.

Test and “as-built” documentation

Conducts performance tests to determine the quality of the outside plant, and documents results as part of the as-built documentation, which serve for the lifetime of the outside plant and are used for operations and maintenance work.


Provides you with outside plant operations training as part of formal commissioning.

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