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Predictive Care for fixed networks

Predictive analytics and expert insight proactively identify and solve broadband access network problems

Predictive care takes fixed access network maintenance to the next level

Nokia Predictive Care for fixed access networks takes support to the next level of efficiency, delivering a distinct advantage for our customers and their end users. Powered by Nokia's Predictive Care cloud-based platform that combines big data collection and storage, intelligent analytics and extreme automation and advanced processes, Nokia is revolutionizing the support model to move away from traditional reactive support to a proactive approach that predicts faults and solves them rapidly. And this is all coupled with Nokia's strong commitment to security and data privacy standards.

Proactive issue detection

Up to 40% proactive issue detection. Use machine learning technology to collect anomalies on deep element counter levelĀ 

Faster issue resolution

Up to 31% faster issue resolution. Predict and resolve performance and quality degradations before they impact customers

Outage reduction

Up to 65% outage reduction. Deep experience to capture service impacts and identify the mitigating actions required

Predictive Care service benefits

Reduce OPEX and improve staff efficiency

  • Shift from reactive to predictive network care
  • Shorten resolution time for network problems
  • Reduce firefighting and improve maintenance planning
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of issue detection, root cause analysis, and resolution
  • Improve the efficiency, utilization, and work quality of operations and management teams

Deliver a consistent quality of service and high network availability

  • Simplify network management by gaining visibility of vital network health data
  • Ensure that networks are ready to handle interventions, upgrades, special events, and new launches
  • Improve KPIs and increase network utilization
  • Boost network uptime and prevent outages
  • Increase network stability and reliability
  • Improve end-user service quality and availability

Predictive Care Expert advantage

  • Advanced monitoring, reporting and notification of targeted early problem indicators
  • Comprehensive analytic tools and periodical in depth health checks
  • Highly focused customer support teams with a customer dedicated lead resource, providing a personalized support model
  • Very fast, streamlined and highly repeatable and effective restoration workflows

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