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PSTN Smart transform

Unlock the value in your legacy PSTN.


Turn your legacy PSTN into a competitive advantage. Use Nokia PSTN Smart Transform to migrate to an efficient ultra-broadband IP network architecture that reduces cost and unlocks new revenue opportunities.

Nokia is the leading provider of PSTN transformation solutions. We use our extensive field experience and industry-leading ultra-broadband portfolio to help service providers succeed with large-scale network and business migration projects.

We can help you succeed, too. With our PSTN Smart Transform solution, you can achieve fast, first-time-right migration that preserves the quality of your PSTN services and inspires your customers to remain loyal.

PSTN Smart transform

Take a holistic approach to PSTN transformation

PSTN transformation isn’t a typical technology upgrade. It’s a change that touches every aspect of your business. PSTN Smart Transform empowers you to take control of transformation with a holistic approach that encompasses 4 key areas:


We assess your opportunities and risks to help you build a transformation strategy that’s right for your network, customers, and business.

Present mode of operation (PMO)

We help you evaluate your current operations, technologies, and networks and determine how well they meet the demands of the marketplace.

Future mode of operation (FMO)

We use our expertise and experience to help you develop and implement an achievable transformation vision that spans networks, services, operations, and business strategies.

Legacy migration

We clear your path from PMO to FMO with migration strategies supported with tools and processes validated in service provider environments.

Benefits and features

Reap the benefits of PSTN transformation

Reduce OPEX

  • Cut power consumption by 50 percent with an efficient all-IP ultra-broadband network infrastructure
  • Reduce real estate costs by consolidating central offices and monetizing assets
  • Lower maintenance costs and streamline operations by phasing out legacy exchange

Increase revenue

  • Use PSTN transformation as a means to upsell additional services
  • Generate new revenue with a competitive offering that includes triple-play or web-based services

Streamline transformation processes

  • Use an ultra-broadband deployment as a platform for transforming legacy PSTN services
  • Accelerate broadband and voice services migration by taking advantage of common equipment, management, and resources
  • Fuel broader transformation by reallocating OPEX savings to other parts of your business

Get results with PSTN Smart Transform









Why migrate your PSTN services?

PSTN services will support 70 percent of fixed voice users in 2017, according to Infonetics Research. In other words, your legacy PSTN services have the potential to provide value and generate significant revenue for years to come. But your network needs transformation to realize this potential. With an effective PSTN transformation strategy, you can:

  • Avoid the growing maintenance costs associated with aging products and technologies
  • Protect critical PSTN voice revenues as more users embrace wireless and broadband services
  • Reduce cost to serve and adhere to stringent green regulations by moving services to a more efficient network infrastructure.

Partner with the industry’s proven transformation specialists

Nokia is a trusted PSTN transformation partner to service providers around the world. Our knowledge and experience help service providers develop solutions that optimize costs and remove complexity and risk from the transformation process.

Our PSTN Smart Transform solution includes services developed and proven in real-world environments. These services cover the entire transformation lifecycle. They can be adapted to any migration project on any scale. With our solution, you can minimize execution errors, avoid unexpected costs, and ensure zero end-user impact.


Fast, cost effective, first time right: Choose PSTN Smart Transform from Nokia Networks


  • Define the best strategy for your business with support from our migration experts
  • Secure your business case with a “migration factory” approach that uses proven processes to keep your project on schedule
  • Eliminate churn caused by provisioning and cabling errors with automated tests that deliver a 99 percent first-time-right rate
  • Speed time to market with patented methodologies and tools that simplify migration processes and minimize their impact on your operations and customers
  • Optimize migration project costs with a field-proven delivery model that cuts resource requirements by up to 50 percent
  • Choose the equipment that’s right for you with support from migration concepts that work in multivendor environments

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