The future of operations in the 5G era

Discover how to connect the network to the business in our video series

It’s time to simplify your operations

With the 5G era, your operations are more important than ever. You must be more agile and root out complexity. Innovative, with robust security. And be able to reduce costs and improve quality.

These are just some of the topics covered in our ‘future of operations in the 5G era’ video series.

Francis Haysom, principal analyst and partner at Appledore Research, and our panel of Nokia experts cover the need for change, how automation can increase efficiency, and reasons why customer-centricity is critical.

Join Simon Osborne, TL Viswanathan, Andrew Burrell and Rodrigo Brito from Nokia to get their view on the future of operations in the 5G era.


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Operations as a catalyst for change

Video - 04:56

Scaling for 5G

Impacts of 5G will be far-reaching, so is this the first generation of “doing operations right”?

Video - 05:56

Expert interview: Why OSS and BSS need to go away

Simon Osborne explains why the existing definitions of OSS and BSS aren’t helpful in transforming operations.

Video - 05:24

Expert interview: Seizing the opportunities to succeed

Learn about the huge opportunities for service providers who get their operational structures and processes right.



It’s all about outcomes: Redefining the approach to telco services

A reactionary approach to innovation doesn't work in the 5G era. Simon Osborne discusses what to do instead.

Innovation: the key to delivery

Video - 04:39

Mapping the evolution

What’s the alternative to big-bang digital transformations at the operations layer?

Video - 05:09

Building an agile mindset

Why an innovation mindset is critical to compete as a digital service provider.

Video - 03:40

Expert interview: Redefining operations for business

TL Viswanathan discusses how service providers can bring new services to market faster.

Video - 05:51

Expert interview: Defining the future mode of operations

Why both consumer and enterprise 5G use cases require operational change.



Don’t be crushed by complexity

If operational systems are already strained, how will they manage massively diversified 5G services? TL Viswanathan explains the importance of an “intent-driven” approach.

Transforming operations with automation and AI

Video - 04:47

Managing complexity

How operations teams can address a “technology tiramisu” of complexity. 

Video - 04:18

Controlling costs, delivering value

From quick wins to legacy processes, service providers’ cost controls are a priority.  

Video - 06:06

Expert interview: Why artificial intelligence and automation are game-changing

Andy Burrell talks about the efficiencies that AI and automation will bring to every part of service providers’ operations.



Your future operations depend on one thing: people

People and culture are important considerations when planning operational change. Andy Burrell highlights the things service providers need to be thinking about.

Tackling security head on

Video – 02:47

Building security into 5G operations

Fixing issues fast will make everything more secure and be a differentiator for telcos.

Video – 04:37

Expert interview: AI’s role in security

Rodrigo Brito explains how AI can make security teams more effective.

Video – 03:45

Expert interview: How to simplify security operations for 5G

Why cyber playbooks have a big part to play in mitigating risks.



How do you secure a network with no perimeter?

Rodrigo Brito highlights three key things service providers need for security in the 5G era.

What’s next?

Video – 03:57

Simplify network operations

How service providers can prevent past complexities hindering their growth

Video – 03:20

Wrapping up: the building blocks for 5G operations success

Why removing boundaries from best practices will allow service providers to fulfil their 5G ambitions

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