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Future of Operations in the 5G era

Network, service and security operations in the 5G world

The transformation to 5G technology is requiring communications service providers to rethink their systems like never before to drive agility, quality and reduce costs. All while maintaining robust security. There are as many challenges as there are answers, from rethinking operations and  integrating automation and AI to monetizing new service offerings.

For organizations to stay relevant and thrive in this new era of massive opportunity, they’re embracing their own journeys to change. Adopting agile mindsets. Embracing the power of automation. Mapping the evolution intelligently. Innovating from the outside in. Taking a hard look at how they’ll deliver new services and structure the business itself.

Welcome to the 5G world. You’re in the right place. Let’s get into it. 



Discover a step-by-step evolution for end-to-end service operations

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5G isn’t 4G +1. It’s the beginning of how we do things differently and do them better.

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The Promise of 5G - It’s Big

5G brings massive opportunity to unlock potential in the telecom industry, but there are real challenges organizations face in seizing that opportunity.

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Reimagining OSS & BSS for 5G

OSS & BSS are architectures of the past. Reimagining them for 5G means shifting to definitions based on outcomes.

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5G Operational Agility – Getting There

To become more operationally agile, service providers must blur the boundaries between fixed and variable aspects of their infrastructures to thrive.



It’s all about outcomes: Redefining the approach to telco services

The sky’s the limit in 5G. Simon Osborne discusses moving from thinking of operations as simply a network operating center to a modern, service-centric platform.

Innovation: the key to delivery

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First step: map the evolution

Apply automation suddenly across all business processes in a big-bang transformation is high risk. Mapping the course and starting small may be the wiser option.

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The Agile Mindset: Do You Have It?

An organizational mindset that puts innovation first is the only way service providers will be able to compete in 5G’s digital world.

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5G Networks – Serving the Business

In 5G, operations must shift to playing an active role in connecting the network to the needs of the business as it changes.

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Down to Business: The 5G Future Model for Operations

Operations must be modeled to set up networks that are required for the business, underpinned on automation and data intelligence.



Don’t be crushed by complexity

If operational systems are already strained, how will they manage massively diversified 5G services? TL Viswanathan explains the importance of an “intent-driven” approach.

Is automation the silver bullet? Automation + AI are the keys to transforming 5G telecom operations and services.

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Reality Check: Bring On Automation

It’s a fact. A wave of complexity is coming with 5G, and running networks that can deliver complex services will be nearly impossible without help. Enter automation and AI.

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Getting Costs Under Control

5G Operations is challenged with a huge volume of tasks, with increasing costs around every corner. Taking a holistic view of cost cutting across the business is the answer.

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Automation Just May Be The Silver Bullet

It’s becoming clearer that automation with AI is the only way forward for operations coping with huge levels of complexity. A step-by-step approach may be the smartest path.



Your future operations depend on one thing: people

Andy Burrell explores how service providers can only seize the full potential of 5G if they go all-in on putting their people first.

Tackling security head on

Video – 02:47

Building security into 5G operations

Fixing issues fast will make everything more secure and be a differentiator for telcos.

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AI’s Big Role in Security

AI’s role in security isn’t just increasing with 5G, it’s becoming essential to help process and understand data throughout complex networks for quick detection and resolution.

Video – 03:45

5G Security Operations: Automate Now More Than Ever

Every operations team knows cybersecurity is a huge problem for the network. Starting with clear cyber playbooks, operations in 5G must integrate automation into its defense.



How do you secure a network with no perimeter?

Rodrigo Brito looks at the three things security operations teams need in the 5G world – new management approach, new model adoption and digital trust.

What’s next?

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A Tenet of 5G: Simplifying Operations

The telecom industry has never been accused of being simple. But simplifying operations first may be critical to adopting automation and realizing the potential of 5G.

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Building Operations for the 5G Future

The old rules and mindsets are changing. Removing barriers to new ways of looking at networks, operations and how services will be provided is how service providers will meet the 5G future.

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