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Industrial-grade Private Wireless for mining

Deliver state-of-the-art mining connectivity now — and the 5G motherlode next

With rapid shifts in supply and demand, stringent environmental constraints and hefty regula-tory mandates, mining companies are accelerating their move to automating critical processes. And because the robust wireless connectivity essential for Industry 4.0 applications is beyond the reach of Wi-Fi networks, and TETRA and P25-based radio networks were never built for broadband data or video communications, the mining industry needs Nokia Private Wireless right now. Combined with IP/MPLS, private wireless builds the foundation for the converged mining automation network: to realize the promise of automation, to create safer, more effi-cient and productive mines, and to make the evolution to 5G almost seamless.

  • One network for voice, video, data and IoT applications with predictable data rates, industry-grade reliability and security by design
  • Automated and remote operations: real-time operations monitoring, with on-demand adaptive bit rate video and low-latency control let you respond quickly to critical events
  • 360° situational awareness lets you improve safety and sustainability, with full visibility of people, assets and infrastructure; data from IoT sensors, cameras, and drones generates ac-tionable insight and influences better decisions: wearable PPE enables tracking of personnel location, alertness and health parameters
  • Advanced data and video analytics enables asset lifecycle management and preventive maintenance of vehicles and machinery, while empowering autonomous drilling and hauling systems for 24/7 operations
  • Using video analytics, remove remote workers from hazardous situations, with push-to-talk (PTT) and push-to-video (PTV) for mission-critical communications; enforce virtual exclusion zones and regulate unauthorized access to unsafe areas with geo-fencing applications

Nokia Industrial grade private wireless is powering the new age of Industry for mining

Wider, better communications

Deliver reliable critical-communications capabilities for your automated mining operation literally everywhere – boosting operational efficiencies above and below ground.

Guaranteed coverage

Get the coverage you need for greater levels of safety, remote operation and automation.

High-bandwidth, low latency

Trust the Nokia mining experts to deploy a private wireless network infrastructure today that’s future-proof and readies you for the 5G enhancements of the near-future.

Get the right mix of private and public networks 

A private LTE/4.9G network provides the pervasive connectivity you need to support critical applications within your industrial sites and field area networks. If you need regional, nationwide or global coverage, you can combine your private network with shared public network slices. Our solution interacts seamlessly with public LTE networks, which makes it easy to get the right network mix for your business.

Power your digital transformation with private wireless

Our Industrial-grade Private Wireless solution lets you extend reliable, secure, low-latency connectivity to all your critical operations in real time. Learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation and help you keep pace with shifting markets and customer demands.

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Take your business into the digital age with a private 4.9G/LTE network that will help you use Industry 4.0 technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency and productivity.

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