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Keep your workers connected and safe in hazardous environments

Workers in a mine

To maximize worker safety it is essential that your entire workforce can be reached and can communicate with each other wherever they are in your production facility. The same can be said to maximize efficiency. Only when workers are connected can they access relevant data for instant decision making and process optimization.

In campus environments with a lot of metal, the reliable enabler for communication, be it for people or machines, is pervasive private wireless 4.9G/LTE or 5G connectivity. In places where you store, use or create flammable substances including gases, mists, or vapors, or where combustible dusts are present the devices and machines must be explosion protected, in short, EX-protected.

The primary function of EX-protection is to eliminate the risk of explosions and ensure worker safety in the most challenging operations and environments, leading to the widespread protection of people, goods, the environment and a smooth production process in sensitive work areas. Hazardous environments don’t just occur in the familiar areas of chemical/petrochemicals because of gases. Dangerous, explosive atmospheres can also be experienced in the food and feed industries when handling certain types of dust.

Phones by MOBILE are part of Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization

To offer best-in-class EX-products we have partnered with MOBILE GmbH, world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions. IS540.x phones are a part of the Nokia end-to-end solution for private wireless infrastructures. These phones have been rigorously tested and certified to meet the connectivity demands of sectors such as oil and gas, mining and chemical manufacturers. Our offering includes 5G handhelds with ATEX (zone 1 and zone 2), IECEx and NEC500 (C1/2/3 Div. 1 and Div.2) ratings that also comply with Japanese and UK market local certifications. These handhelds support all necessary radio frequency bands, have all required certifications, and can thus be used by companies worldwide.

Dedicated applications bring value beyond connectivity

Being a part of Nokia one platform for industrial digitalization means that the phones automatically connect to the campus network when the dedicated SIM-card is inserted. They can also be used in a public network thanks to their dual SIM capability. To manage their fleet of MOBILE and Nokia Industrial handhelds, an administrator can use Nokia Industrial device management, from which they can administer applications, applying policies to ensure approved device utilization such as the ability to use camera, Bluetooth for transition of data, geofencing features and remote locking, etc. They can also see the locations of devices on a map, to assist them in determining if workers are in a potentially dangerous area and to find them if, for some reason, they don’t respond to contact attempts.

Applications like Portalify SmartView can further enhance worker safety. It enables users of smart devices to send alerts, manually or automatically, to co-workers and operational teams. The location of the worker is defined and transmitted to teams using a form of triangulation, both outdoor and indoor. Triggered by the alert or man down situation the worker can be rapidly located and receive help without delay.

An essential application for both the EX-protected IS540.x and ruggedized Nokia Industrial phones is Nokia Team Comms, which is a voice, video and messaging application that will breathe new life into operations within a private wireless environment. Through rich push-to-X communication your team leaders can share instructions with all workers at the start of a shift, at the push of a button – and if work schedules change, you can refocus their attention more quickly. Maintenance teams can send video and operational data to experts for greater insight into equipment issues. And, in an emergency, workers can provide greater context about the situation at hand.

Nokia Industrial devices include ruggedized equipment to connect people and machines in harsh environments. Use them to compile data from many sources and improve communication to increase worker safety, sustainability, digitalization, automatization, and customer satisfaction. We offer many types of devices in numerous bands, including CBRS and unlicensed, to connect your machines, sensors, and people to enable data transfer and human communication for Industry 4.0 use cases worldwide.

We welcome you to discover more about Nokia Industrial devices at ACHEMA in Frankfurt 10-14 June, at our booth #E60 in hall 11.0


Mahnoush Renani

About Mahnoush Renani

Mahnoush is a senior manager at Nokia in Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions, focused on capturing opportunities generated by Industry 4.0 and digitalization. She leads the Nokia Industrial device portfolio, bringing automation and efficiency to enterprises through cutting-edge 4.9 and 5G solutions. 

Mahnoush is an advocate for women in STEM and a global citizen having lived and worked in 4 countries and travelled around the globe.  

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