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Indirect reseller application

Welcome to the Nokia Partner Program

This site is intended for use by resellers (“Indirect Reseller”) who intend to purchase Nokia Products and Services through an Authorized Nokia Distributor.

Nokia partners with resellers and distributors worldwide to shape the future of mission-critical communications. Partnering with Nokia gives you access to a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that allows you to deliver secure, high-performance, mission-critical communications, applications and network infrastructures to your customers. Our program is designed to drive expertise and recognition of our partners in a way that ensures the highest level of quality to sell, deploy and support Nokia solutions through a profitable model.

If you would like to join the Nokia Partner Program and intend to purchase through Distribution, please follow these simple steps to complete your application:

  1. As an authorized representative of your company, complete the short application form.  Please provide your company domain e-mail address for your registration. Registrations with non-corporate domains (such as: Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo for example) will be rejected.
  2. You will be asked to provide basic company information and to read and accept the Nokia Indirect Reseller Agreement (NIRA). You will be able to download your submitted form and terms and conditions of the NIRA.
  3. You will be asked to provide your sponsoring Distributor.  If you do not have a sponsoring distributor, please send an email to Nokia Partner Communications to request a referral.
  4. Upon acceptance and notification by Nokia, you will be a member of the Nokia Partner Program at an Authorized tier and able to purchase via authorized Nokia Distributors.   You will receive an invitation to register for access to the Nokia Partner Portal.

For assistance with your registration, please contact Nokia Partner Communications

Fully onboarded Nokia Authorized partners enjoy the benefits of:

  • Nokia’s Partner Portal
  • Technical and marketing documentation
  • Web-based (free of charge) and Instructor-led training 

Apply for the indirect reseller program