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Help your airline gain a competitive edge

Bring LTE broadband to the skies

Our 4G LTE air-to-ground (A2G) solution can help your airline gain a competitive edge by offering fast and reliable broadband connectivity on continental flights. Based on state-of-the-art LTE technology, it provides an integrated network that allows you to improve the passenger experience by providing easy access to compelling in-flight broadband internet and infotainment services.

By deploying our solution, you can give passengers the freedom to use their own devices to access online services just like they do on the ground. Leisure travelers can browse the internet, keep up with social media or watch live TV at any time during their flight. Business travelers can stay connected with services such as conferencing.

Why choose our 4G LTE A2G solution?

  • Improve the passenger experience by offering high-speed, low-latency in-flight broadband
  • Reduce cost with equipment that is simpler, lighter and less expensive than satellite systems
  • Avoid time-consuming hard disk transfers by uploading and downloading essential real-time flight data over a broadband connection
  • Streamline maintenance processes with real-time data that helps maintenance crews identify and fix problems faster
  • Gain the flexibility to roll out and expand network capacity where and when you need it

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X architecture harnesses technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking – including 5G –- to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.

With the Future X architecture for aviation, you can begin a digital transformation that leads to highly secure and reliable communications, reduced operating costs and a new generation of aviation services.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs with an ultra-secure and reliable multi-service broadband network
  • Enhance your operations with high-performance networking that connects everything from personnel to sensors to video cameras and automated systems
  • Use real-time data processing and analytics systems to increase automation, support new services and make smarter decisions
  • Build a stronger foundation for mission-critical communications and response using IoT applications and high-capacity networks

Future X architecture

Networking solutions for the new age of industry

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