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Emergency Communications Services

Emergency Communication Services Solutions for Public Safety

Emergency detection and geo-targeted, real-time, and media-rich alerts to populations at risk

Emergency services must be able to leverage the widespread use of smartphones and IoT sensors to provide intelligent alerts and support citizen interactions. This will vastly improve the quality and speed of information exchanged in a crisis. To modernize your emergency call infrastructure, we offer a set of solutions to improve the detection of an emergency situation and the delivery of alerts to at-risk populations. They include:

Solution components

Large-scale natural and human-made disasters frequently put the lives and property of citizens at risk. However, many existing public warning systems (PWS) are not equipped to provide at-risk populations with the targeted, real-time alerts they need to ensure their safety. These systems are also not sufficient to meet current PWS regulatory requirements in many countries. 

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The NG911/112 Emergency Call Routing solution enables you to modernize your emergency call network to support true multimedia communications and comply with the new NG911/112 standards as defined by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) or European Emergency Number Association (EENA). Our IP routing solution allows you to boost the capacity of your ESInet network without making any compromises on the network availability and reliability needed to support emergency calls. 

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Many local governments deploy large numbers of CCTV cameras primarily to perform post-incident analysis, limiting the potential of these systems to provide incident detection capabilities. With the arrival of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s now possible to detect emergency situations in real time using of IoT sensors. But smaller cities often can’t afford to purchase these systems, which creates a need  for a more centralized organization that would be able to manage it for multiple governments. 

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