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NG911/112 Emergency Call
Routing Solution

Improve capacity and support voice, video and
data emergency call traffic

The NG911/112 Emergency Call Routing solution enables you to modernize your emergency call network to support true multimedia communications and comply with the new NG911/112 standards as defined by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) or European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

Our IP routing solution allows you to boost the capacity of your ESInet network without making any compromises on the network availability and reliability needed to support emergency calls.

Use cases

Improve the capacity of your ESInet network to support a broader set of emergency call traffic, ranging from traditional voice calls to text messages to video calls, or any type of data coming from IoT sensors, such as CCTV cameras, gunshot detection or smoke detection sensors.

Benefits and features

Support a wide range of interfaces to carry traffic from multiple services and applications

A High available and resilient IP routing platform, to support critical emergency calls

Secure the network against cyber-attacks

A highly scalable solution as video calls and CCTV drive traffic growth

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