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Core Enterprise Solutions

Core Enterprise Solutions

Nokia’s robust, open and scalable core that hands control of the infrastructure back to you

How can geographically distributed organizations manage wide area voice and data communications, integrating multiple systems with scale and security? How can they take advantage of modern 4G and 5G technology? The answer lies in rethinking the network.

Our Core Enterprise Solutions provide customized, low footprint core solutions optimized for mission critical communications that Public Safety and Power Utilities operators need, as a module in our enterprise wide-area private wireless offerings.

What is a Mission Critical Core?

The core of the network provides the functions that make voice and data connections between people and machines. When the operator of such a network is in the business of offering a service that cannot go offline, then it is a mission critical core.

Our Core Enterprise Solutions are blueprints for solutions customized to the Public Safety and Power Utility segments. They are preconfigured for low footprint and TCO, and to meet regulatory requirements for these industries. They are designed to support 4G and 5G today – depending on the needs of the organization – and to take advantage of the technology advances that carriers enjoy.

LTE or 5G Private Wireless Network?

Many enterprises are asking whether they should deploy an LTE or 5G SA private wireless network. LTE is well established with wide availability of device endpoints, while 5G SA is newer and seen as the future. The good news is that Nokia’s fully cloud-native solution makes it easy to transition a network from 4G LTE to 5G SA. It supports both simultaneously, so you choose to go to 5G immediately, or you can start with a 4G LTE and move to 5G SA when it makes sense for your communication needs. We wrote a white paper on this, so click on the image to the right to find out more.

Core Enterprise Solution for Public Safety

Nationwide public safety organizations are facing many technology challenges, hindering their capability to provide the most efficient services to save lives. Nokia offers a new core solution designed to address the needs of wide area public safety allowing them to take advantage of 4G, 4.9G, and 5G capabilities for mission critical communications. Click on the image at right to find out more.

Core Enterprise Solution for Power Utilities

Power utilities, especially distribution grid operators, need to be able to scale their communications infrastructure, especially for metering. Nokia offers a new core solution designed to address the needs of power utilities allowing them to take advantage of 4G, 4.9G, and 5G capabilities such as massive machine-to-machine communication. Click on the image at right to find out more.

Core Enterprise Solutions for other industry segments

Other industry segments have similar needs to those our solutions are currently customized for. Mainline railways, for instance, face modernization with the migration from GSM-R communications to FRMCS. Smart cities have similar needs for a network to handle machine-to-machine communication between millions of devices, coupled with the need for broadband supporting thousands of video streams. Nokia can deliver a core network solution today for these using our extensive product portfolio, and we also plan customized, optimized blueprint solutions for these and other verticals in the near future.

Are you interested in the Nokia Core Enterprise Solution?

What makes Nokia Core Enterprise Solutions different?

  • Entirely cloud-native platform for flexibility
  • Standards compliant, leveraging mass market communications technology
  • Provides a natural path to 4.9G, with evolution to 5G
  • Provides a platform for broadband, video, IoT, hyper-localization, low-latency communications, and more
  • Geo-redundancy and reliability using modern cloud techniques
  • Customized specifically for their intended industry sector
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