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Build a Public Warning System for a mobile world

Provide timely and accurate emergency alerts to your citizens and fulfill your EU mandate with our comprehensive Public Warning System (PWS) solution.

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Leveraging mobile devices in the face of disaster
Leveraging mobile devices in the face of disaster

Modernize your PWS to comply with EU directives

A recent EU Parliament directive requires its member states to have the ability to send emergency alerts to citizens through mobile devices by June 2022. Our PWS solution provides all the capabilities you need to fulfill this directive and provide critical, life-saving information to at-risk citizens.

Deploy the PWS technology you need

We provide a Cell Broadcast Service-based (CBS) solution that can be complemented with location-based SMS (LB-SMS) technology. With CBS, you can broadcast real-time alerts to millions of citizens without worrying about network congestion. With LB-SMS, you can locate at-risk citizens, support two-way communication and improve situational awareness for emergency authorities.

Our comprehensive solution includes the alert a management system, CBS and LB-SMS platforms and all associated integration capabilities. This approach maximizes the efficiency of your PWS, speeds up nationwide deployment and ensures full interoperability with your existing services.

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Comply with global standards

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Our solution complies with 3GPP, ETSI and ATIS standards, which define global criteria for PWS alert delivery, message content and mobile device features. This compliance ensures that you can deliver on your emergency broadcast service mandates and support future evolution to multimedia-based alerts.

The PWS solution also supports message delivery over all generations of mobile networks – GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and 5G. It lets you reach the highest possible percentage of citizens in alert areas.

Succeed with a proven partner

Our technologies and expertise will help you ensure a successful PWS deployment. We have the most complete wireless portfolio and the most experience with LTE deployments for large network operators. 

Our PWS solution is in service with top mobile operators in the US, Canada, Europe and Central and Latin America. It provides the capacity you need to handle fast-growing mobile device use and the flexibility you need for fast use case development.

We support the PWS solution with comprehensive integration services that can help you design, deploy and test your solution across government and operator networks.

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