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Know, now:
Leapfrog into the future
with six key trends

Know the early signals in the market and what they mean now

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High-impact areas of the telco industry

Nokia and the Future Today Institute (FTI), a world leader in strategic foresight and futurology management, came together to find out the global signals, trends and game-changing technologies that communication service providers (CSPs) need to be aware of now.

Discover what these six forces are, their potential implications over the next decade, and how CSPs can prepare for their future.

Know, now - uncover the forces that are shaping the future for CSPs

Six signals to focus on



Is zero-touch a necessity?

Zero-touch will disrupt how we build, run and operate new services. What if networks could automatically diagnose and heal themselves? Or understand your intentions and respond correctly, in the moment?

Is zero-touch a necessity?
Things as a service


Has Things-as-a-Service reached critical mass?

Networks are becoming more complex and expensive to operate – with consumers using more data than ever before. Things-as-a-Service (XaaS) models have escalated to address the growing need for CSPs and enterprises to reduce costs. XaaS challenges CSPs’ traditional ways of doing business and creates the potential for new, top-line growth.


Are you ready for a cloud partnership with a competitor?

A concentrated market for an invaluable service creates high risk. It can take several years for a large company to integrate its data into the cloud, making selection a high-stakes choice and the cost of switching prohibitive.

cloud partnership



What if connectivity was free for everyone?

What if the internet was always on, and offered for free? It could change everything for CSPs, creating new forms of competition and, potentially, a complete disruption of the telecommunications industry.


Can you curb digital emissions to meet ESG goals?

The internet’s data may be invisible, but it requires physical data centers across the world that must be powered on, cooled, and protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For businesses committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, reducing their carbon footprint will be key in achieving company-wide emissions targets.

digital emissions

genetic design

Technology and society

Can we influence genetic design?

We are entering the age of synthetic biology, where humans have the ability to shape the future of life itself using technology to solve real problems. Our future will be shaped by advances in this sector, and a reliable telecommunications ecosystem is key to their success.

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