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Powering an open, innovative future for CSPs

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Capturing value from openness is critical to the success of the telecoms industry in the next 10 years. It is key to enabling faster and more market-responsive innovation and to driving sustainable business growth in a hyper-connected world. Opening networks and API’s allows for application developers to innovate on top of CSP networks, driving new routes to monetization. Openly collaborating with partners across industries creates opportunities for new, exciting business models, primed for ever-changing customer demands and expectations.

Explore how openness drives innovation for CSPs

openness survey results

CSP leaders share their views on openness in telecoms

Are CSPs fired up and ready for a new, open future? According to our survey, not really. Find out what CSPs told up about their attitudes to openness.

The power of open innovation

The power of open innovation

Hear Henry Chesbrough, author and professor at UC Berkeley, explain why open innovation is a vital part of the journey to 5G.

vision for an open future

Networks in 2030: Why an open future is essential

Openness is critical to our 2030 technology vision. The critical network characteristics will require open collaboration at both the business and technology level.

9 initiatives of openness

9 initiatives that revealed the power of openness to CSPs

Openness is a key driver of telco innovation. But which initiative has had the most impact? Here are nine that have transformed the industry—or will in the future.

Openness drives innovation

Crack innovation in telecoms with four dimensions of openness

As 5G rolls out, a more open business model could spark a wave of customer-centric innovation in the telecoms industry.

“It’s all about community-driven innovation, with a goal to drive faster transformation in the marketplace. That requires an open mindset, open platforms, open interfaces, and the ability for everyone to create value together. The beauty of an open approach is that we all win. We win together, we win big, and our customers and end users benefit as well.”
Rajesh Gadiyar
Vice President and CTO, Network Platforms Group, Intel

Real Talk – The Power of Openness

Hear from Henry Chesbrough, Axel Menneking, George Glass and other leading experts on how to open the door to innovation with #NoBoundaries

Nokia believes in the power of openness

The open future of mobile networks


Innovate and grow your business

Programmable and open 5g

Programmable and open 5G