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Home Device Manager

Automate remote management of smart home devices

Home networks and the smart home opportunity

The broadband access and home networking market have been growing exponentially in terms of bandwidth needs and the number of new home devices connecting to networks. By 2030, there will be 1.6 billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide. Household bandwidth demand is expected to rise even further in the coming years with the emergence of new smart home use cases. IoT home device investments will total $93 billion by 2024 

Equipping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with remote management automation for their telco customers

Nokia’s industry-leading Home Device Manager HDM enables CSPs to leverage the entire smart home opportunity and further unlock home broadband digital value while monetizing differentiated services.

Nokia Home Device Manager: delivering remote management of home devices

Nokia Home Device Manager delivers the key capabilities to help service providers remotely manage millions of TR-069 and TR-369 home broadband access devices from a variety of different vendors. HDM is a standard-based, highly secure and scalable home device management platform. It offers carrier-class manageability for your smart home devices. 

Remote management of home devices

Nokia’s HDM empowers broadband service providers to remotely manage customer premise equipment CPEs such as broadband access routers, Wi-Fi® extenders, small cell devices, video set-top boxes, 5G/4G fixed wireless access services, femto access points, cable modems, mesh nodes and a whole set of IoT smart home devices such as smart light, smart home thermostats, smart home security system, etc. 

Smart home manager helping telco customers in remote device management

Our smart home manager gives CSPs more automated control over their device management environment and enhances the telco customer experience by offering ultra-reliable and secure broadband connectivity to the smart home.

Enabled over Nokia telco SaaS delivery framework

Nokia Home Device Manager is provided as a service (SaaS). HDM as a service offers a business result that is based on cloud-native software and purchased as a subscription. Instead of purchasing HDM, CSPs are given access to it through the SaaS model, and it can be installed on various hyperscalers public clouds.

Benefits of HDM as a service using Nokia SaaS

HDM as a service accelerates time to value by reducing the time required to purchase, install and configure the software. The SaaS model enables rapid service provisioning, frequently in minutes or hours. It also increases business agility by allowing CSPs to keep up with frequent and efficient software patches and regular software upgrades because Nokia handles them automatically. This also improves the software’s performance and security. 

The SaaS model offers compelling economies of scale as well as improved cost management. It eliminates the financial risk associated with software maintenance, updates, upgrades and scaling. This results in a lower total cost of ownership than traditional models.

Benefits and features of our home device manager

Ultra-high home broadband performance

HDM enables broadband service providers to maintain high network management performance and meet service-level agreements by allowing for remote access to vital device information and offering a real-time diagnostic view. It also offers automated home device monitoring and fault resolution capabilities.

Enhanced smart home experience

Our network device manager enables service providers to give customers a unique and consistent experience by hiding the complexity of home device management. HDM sends regular over-the-air firmware updates and remotely manages customer premise equipment and home broadband. No customer expertise is required to benefit from the new home networks.

Enhanced smart home security

HDM firmware manager manages the firmware's full lifecycle and provides regular firmware upgrades at scale, which eliminates the devices' vulnerability and enhances the smart home security system. HDM also prevents data breaches and protects user privacy through Anti-spoofing filtering. 

Faster Time-to-Value

HDM real-time diagnostics and remote troubleshooting result in a quicker value creation process by replacing tech visits with remote network and device monitoring.

Additionally, SaaS delivery cuts down on the year or longer it typically takes for customers to adopt and use HDM services to a fraction of that time.

A single end-to-end remote device management solution to optimize the home experience

Device Management of CPEs

HDM has a proven architecture capable of proactively managing many millions of home devices simultaneously. HDM network device management capabilities support the full lifecycle of CPE from device onboarding to device deactivation.

Smart home devices data collection

HDM Traffic Regulation Modul (TRM) enables CSPs to collect a massive amount of data from smart home devices for marketing reports, macro-level data analysis or device diagnostics, enabling customer service representative CSR to troubleshoot individual device issues.

Home devices data analytics

Our network device manager ensures a high-quality broadband experience through its predictive analytics capabilities. Device data is correlated with access data for an effective and accurate demarcation of the problem and solution.

Troubleshooting and resolution

Our remote network monitoring software proactively monitors home devices and network services to detect issues and produce recommendations to resolve disruptive QoS issues in the home or access network. This improves service quality and reliability.

Capitalize on the smart home opportunity with Nokia Home Device Manager HDM

We are witnessing a growing market for smart home systems that goes beyond providing basic home broadband services. HDM unlocks the digital value of the smart home ecosystem, giving CSPs access to new revenue streams. Besides managing CPEs and home broadband, HDM also evolves to manage IoT devices.

This includes smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart home security and a plethora of smart home technologies. HDM incorporates the industry’s latest standards enabling service providers to move forward with next-generation IP offerings while providing customers with unique and consistent service delivery, 

Are you ready to capture the new smart home opportunities? 

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