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IoT Readiness services

Evaluate and prepare your network for IoT


Communication Service Providers (CSP) have a key role to play in driving IoT adoption. While the IoT strategy for each CSP can be different (connectivity provider / service enabler / end-to-end service provider), it is essential that the network at the heart of all three strategies meets the performance and reliability requirements of an IoT world while minimizing total cost of ownership, making the IoT business case viable.

Nokia IoT Readiness Services helps operators assess their network’s ability to support IoT models, identify gaps and then develop a transformation roadmap leading to a high-performance IoT-optimized network.

What we do

We use machine learning techniques to identify existing IoT traffic in the network. This includes defining the traffic type and position of different IoT sensors in the network. This is an important prerequisite for later optimization steps where the existing IoT traffic is migrated to specific network layers purpose-built to handle IoT.

Multi-faceted analysis

Nokia IoT Readiness Services looks at all facets of the network, including spectrum strategy to optimize the need for additional spectrum, as well as the coverage and capacity requirements needed to handle the scale of IoT traffic. Our in-house tools and simulation techniques enable us to simultaneously optimize both traditional cellular and IoT-specific networks even when both share the same RF infrastructure. Capex and Opex modelling tools developed by Bell Labs help optimize transport layer requirements, while our smart architecture recommendations incorporate IoT-enabled features, and modified parameters, to augment capacity only where required. Our Service Launch Readiness module takes an end-to-end service testing approach to fine-tune the network parameters for specific IoT services which the CSP is looking to launch.

Security Assessment module

According to 451 Research “Voice of the Enterprise Survey: Internet of Things,” 49.7% of the respondents listed security as one of the key impediments for widespread IoT adoption. Our Security Assessment module helps CSPs create a security wall around the network to protect against malware, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (e.g. Mirai) and other breaches. Proactive measures include threat intelligence assessment, and even penetration testing where Nokia experts use a “white hat” approach to identify security vulnerabilities in the network.

Transformation roadmap definition

We also help define a transformation roadmap describing the technology evolution to the Cloud and architectural recommendations for distributed edge processing as the IoT business scales exponentially.


The services are uniquely multi-vendor and multi-technology. They cover both 3GPP (LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT) as well as unlicensed technologies like LoRa

The scope covers essential spectrum, coverage, capacity, security and use case requirements from an end-to-end network perspective

The services focus on the operator’s key need of optimizing cost/bit of IoT connectivity through IoT-focused migration strategies, spectrum requirement optimization, smart capacity augmentation, and recommendations for an end-to-end “optimized for IoT” network architecture

Additionally, we help operators chart the right evolution path towards the IoT-enabled Cloud and distributed computing-based network architecture to handle the scale of forecasted IoT traffic, cater to QoS requirements and reduce cost to transport IoT traffic

Benefits and features

New revenue streams

QoS-based priority IoT-connectivity services can be differentially charged while addressing new enterprise IoT markets

Optimized cost of ownership

Reduced TCO through smart capacity augmentation, spectrum strategy and IoT traffic identification and migration

Enhanced quality of service

Eliminate coverage holes, minimize interference and address capacity requirements to handle traffic and signalling load

Reduced time to market

A definitive roadmap for IoT network transformation reduces risks and accelerates time-to-market

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