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IP-optical coordination

Boost operational efficiency and service resiliency in multi-layer networks

Integrate your IP routing and optical transport networks into a unified infrastructure with Nokia technology. Optimize your network resources, operations, costs and performance to better compete in an on-demand world. You’ll like the benefits of one network as nimble as the cloud.

Establish a converged multi-layer network infrastructure with unified control and open, software-defined networking (SDN) interfaces. Leverage our state-of-the-art routing and optical transport technologies.

Diagram of multi-layer, automated coordination

The benefits of IP-optical coordination

Build a nimbler network

Break down the operational and technological barriers that impede routing and transport convergence.

Ensure high network availability for a flawless user experience

  • Automatically discover accurate topology at all layers and cross domain interconnect information to allow effective engineering planning.
  • Ensure that true path diversity is present via deep insights into the optical network  architecture.
  • Coordinate control of activities such as restoration and network maintenance to prevent unwarranted impacts to end user traffic.

Improve your operational efficiency and service delivery velocity

  • Leverage insightful tools to allow bottom-up and top-down navigation and visualization across domains and layers.
  • Efficiently identify root causes of service affecting issues without complex inter-team dynamics.
  • Automate dynamic comprehensive service delivery across domain boundaries with open and programmable network interfaces.

Optimize your usage of routing and transport assets

  • Forward and protect traffic at the most economical network layer.
  • Run a hotter network without compromising reliability with cross-domain coordinated floating backup ports.
  • Deploy pluggable coherent router optics to deliver, assure and maintain high speed services rapidly and cost effectively in the 400G era and beyond.

IP-optical coordination use cases

400GE pluggable coherent optics automation

Efficiently deploy high speed connectivity

The introduction of powerful new 400GE coherent router optics  technology requires new capabilities for orchestrating and  automating IP-optical networks. NSP supports a  set of 400GE IP-optical reference use cases that constitute   solution blueprints for real-world deployments.  

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Topology discovery

Automated detection of the multi-layer topology

NSP can automatically and accurately detect topologies at all layers and gather cross-layer connect information to verify the network architecture is correct. Compared with error-prone manual techniques this can reduce the probability of service outages and enable simpler troubleshooting.

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Diversity analysis

Assess true comprehensive path diversity

While path diversity is needed for IP links or for IP services, paths may not be fully diverse in the optical domain. A failure could  impact both primary & backup paths. NSP performs real time diversity analysis and can establish diverse paths as necessary. This can help reduce the probability of service outages.

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Coordinated assurance

Rapidly troubleshoot network and service issues

NSP delivers the  ability to rapidly identify root causes of alarm conditions and coordinate resolution activities across teams. Operators have the ability to navigate bottom-up and top-down  in holistically  supervising network operation.  This brings efficiencies to multi-layer network operations.

Coordinated operations control

Minimize the effects of optical topology changes on IP traffic

Planned changes in optical topology, such as those that occur during network maintenance and hitless optical reversion can be coordinated with IP traffic routing to minimize impacts on end user services bringing improved customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective multi-layer protection

Cross-domain coordination to save on network equipment

The NSP enables cross-domain coordinated protection, intelligently and efficiently applied at the appropriate layer. Using a ‘floating’ backup port can bring considerable savings in the number of interfaces (router ports and transponders) required.

Cross-domain connection management

Interworking with 3rd-party domain controllers

The NSP supports automated connection management based on standard protocols and interworking with 3rd party domain controllers. This reduces the need for complex and expensive OSS systems with long integration intervals and manual, error-prone processes. This can allow faster service delivery and operational cost savings.

Operations efficiency across IP and optical layers - MPLS SD & AI World

Avoid alien wavelengths with IP-optical coordination

An alien wavelength is defined as transparent transmission of colored channels over pre-existing third-party physical optical infrastructure.

The introduction of coherent small form factor 400ZR pluggables creates a channel that is inherently alien because of the independent nature of the IP and optical management systems. As a result, certain holistic management functions such as power management, assurance and fault diagnosis become difficult or impossible to carry out, making many automated, end-to-end operations more difficult and error prone.

IP-optical coordination leveraging a domain controller architecture with open, standardized interfaces enables the avoidance of alien wavelengths. This brings many operational advantages, including end-to-end wavelength visibility and control, supporting the successful deployment of new 400ZR technology.

Why Nokia for an integrated IP-optical infrastructure?

Automate dynamic comprehensive service delivery across domain boundaries with open and programmable network interfaces.

Our networking portfolio encompasses the data plane, control plane and management plane. You can flexibly mix and match according to your deployment and operational needs.  We can help you to optimize the value of each technology, rationalize costs, and reduce your total cost of ownership.


Average saving of port capacity with multi-layer packet and optical protection


Potential reduction in network TCO based on optimal resource utilization & operational efficiency

Network automation and programmability

Looking to transform your operational practices with automated workflows? Quickly get up to speed on programmability? Deploy dynamic networks that can respond to changing demand with minimal human intervention?

Our insight-driven networking approach lets you automate your IP and optical networks to make them more agile, reliable and secure. Discover our comprehensive solutions.

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