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Edge Automation Tool

Streamline edge infrastructure planning, deployment and operations by implementing workload-agnostic edge automation

Nokia Edge Automation Tool is designed to automate both hardware and cloud edge infrastructure workflow. Provides capability to manage thousands of edge sites infrastructure and real-time information about server health and system configuration on a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ dashboard.

Edge Automation Tool offers customers and services personnel easier and more efficient service operations by reducing manual steps and automating mass operations.

Reduce system service and maintenance time by enabling central management of user interfaces (UIs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the lifecycle data center operations of deployment, monitoring and upgrades. 

Benefits and features

OPEX savings

by automating manual procedures and managing thousands of edge sites simultaneously

Fast deployment

by utilizing productized infrastructure blueprints and unified planning workflow

Operational efficiency

by implementing automated data planning integration, deployment and operations

Service acceleration

with workflow tooling addressing coordinated mass upgrades and updates 

Optimized processes

with infrastructure and application management correlation capabilities


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