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MantaRay SON

Leap forward in self-organizing network intelligence

Intelligent automation is essential with 5G RAN optimization

Any communications service provider (CSP) that wants to seize the 5G opportunity needs to be ready for more network complexity. With 5G rolling out alongside 4G and other legacy infrastructures, there will be an exponential increase in how many moving parts need to be managed and optimized — too many to be handled manually. Good thing “manually” isn’t the only option.  

The closed-loop automation and machine learning built into Nokia’s self-organizing networks (SON) allow you to automatically optimize every cell in your radio access network for the best possible performance.


Nokia MantaRay

MantaRay SON boosts 5G radio network quality, efficiency and customer experience

Nokia MantaRay SON lets you automate operations and realize the full potential of your existing 2G, 3G, 4G networks while also supporting your transformation to 5G. Providing a centralized SON platform, it automates operations across multiple technologies, eliminating complexities from multi-vendor and multi-layered networks.  

The wide range of our ready-made SON modules take self-configuring, self-healing and self-optimizing actions that boost network performance and efficiency. And if there isn’t a module that meets your specific requirements, you can use the software development kit (SON SDK) to create your own to get exactly the solution you need.

Benefits and features


  • Automated configurations tasks, like site creations
  • Controlled efficiency despite of increasing network complexity
  • Reduced site visits


  • Optimized parameters and coverage usage
  • Increased network quality and performance
  • Every user gets the best network experience


  • Automated fault resolution
  • Faster maintenance and reduced outage times
  • Reduced time and cost of system failures

Reduce manual work

With too many base stations and cells to manage and optimize with human teams alone, you can get a handle on 5G complexity with fully autonomous 24/7 Cognitive SON operations powered by machine learning

Improve 5G network quality

Cognitive SON eliminates the risk of human errors by shifting the burden of real-time problem analysis and solutioning to machine learning systems

Increase speed and agility

Cognitive SON is built on cloud-native architecture, which provides substantial scalability, near-zero downtime for software upgrades and open APIs.

Why choose Nokia for automated radio network optimization?

Nokia is the right partner to accompany you on your journey to automation. We can help you build extremely efficient and reliable radio access networks using best-in-class management and optimization practices.

Nokia SON - video testimonial from Telecom, Argentina

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Boosting network performance at Airtel

Nokia Self-Organizing Networks (SON) software is deployed at Airtel to boost network performance and efficiency with the help of closed-loop automation and machine learning.

MantaRay cognitive SON powered by AI

Today’s SON is an excellent tool for radio network optimization, however, you need a high-level expert in radio network optimization to operate the SON. These experts are rare to find and can be hard to keep.

With the complexity of 5G networks, manual operations are just not efficient and cost effective enough: we need machine learning to take the lead.

MantaRay cognitive SON powered by AI operates autonomously. It identifies the radio network incident, analyzes it, initiates the corrective actions and verifies the results. All this can be done without any human interaction.

Cognitive SON is faster than traditional SON. It increases operational efficiency and ensures better radio network quality.

Reduce radio network energy consumption without compromising the end user experience

70-80 percent of a mobile network’s energy is consumed by base station sites. Mobile operators face an overall increase of 10-30 percent annually in mobile network energy use. Managing energy efficiency is necessary to control the costs while maintaining the service level that end users are expecting.

MantaRay SON is part of Nokia's MantaRay Energy solution, which significantly reduces power consumption of radio networks, helping CSPs reach their zero-emission targets.


MantaRay Energy – AI-powered energy management

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