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Network Planning and Optimization

Become the performance and sustainability leader

With the introduction of 5G, there are more network elements, sites, and cells than ever before. The ever-growing amount of data transmission and new use cases introduced with 5G mean that operators are looking for ways to keep costs at bay while tapping into new revenue models. Fast introduction of new features and maximizing the utilization of network assets are essential. 

How can Digital Twin help with network planning and optimization?

With our Digital Twin based network design and optimization, the following tasks are made easy:

  • Visualizing ’what if’ scenarios before the physical implementation of the network to find the optimized design for end-to-end network performance.
  • Finding coverage gaps by analyzing traffic dynamics in the network.
  • Investigating future scalability of the network with digitally modeled 5G use cases.
  • Analyzing the selection of optimal beam sets in a 3D created environment.

We create the Digital Twin based on data from the network:

  • Data harvesting: collecting data from Operating Support Systems (OSS) and Multicast Distribution Trees (MDT)
  • Data processing: parsing multi-vendor network data
  • Data enrichment: applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms to create actionable insights

Why is Digital Twin technology needed?

Operators are looking for ways to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while getting ready for the future demand in network coverage and capacity. 

Our Digital Twin based network design and optimization approach tackles the complexities and helps enhance customer experience in multi-vendor 5G networks. 

The end result is an optimized  network design adapted to the operator’s network. A further simplification is the zero-touch acceptance, which makes it easy to apply all the proposed optimizations throughout the network. 

Why choose Enhanced Field Performance Validation over drive test?

Performance testing based on Big Data from the network is much more accurate than results from physical drive tests. Discover the other benefits in this infographic.

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What are the benefits of Nokia Planning and Optimization services?

Our Network Planning and Optimization solution helps tackle the following pain points:

Driving OPEX/CAPEX savings

The Digital Twin technology for network planning and optimization helps maximize the utilization of existing network assets and decrease the operational costs.

Helping increase revenue

An optimized network enhances mobile user experience, leading to higher data consumption per user and lower churn. It can also help gain market share with improved operator brand image in highly competitive markets.

Supporting technology evolution

The Digital Twin makes new technology and feature introduction easier, as the operator can test and verify the impact and optimize the network capabilities and quality before deployment. It also supports new device introduction and certification for end users.

Improving spectral efficiency

Making the best use of spectrum assets is essential. Our solution can help improve and maintain spectral efficiency in the network. 

Commitment in sustainability

Maximizing the utilization of existing assets and improved spectral efficiency mean that operators can avoid unnecessary investments in new assets. This helps improve the sustainability of networks.


Our tool ecosystem is open API based and easy to integrate into any operator’s existing processes.

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