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Network Planning and Optimization

Become the performance and sustainability leader

Traditional Network planning and optimization methods are no longer an option to take mobile networks to their highest performance levels. In the past, desktop-based planning with disconnected tools and 2D maps might have been sufficient. For 5G networks, it is no longer a viable option because of the increased complexity - for example, there are countless possible beamforming patterns, propagation-sensitive mmWave radios and frequent software updates. Achieving optimal network performance from the start needs deep RF expertise, powerful analytics and precise 3D maps. The good news is that all of the above ingredients come with the Nokia Network Planning and Optimization services.

Top network performance and optimized energy efficiency in the shortest time

There is a lot to gain for operators with digital 3D RF planning. In our recent projects, 3D design with sector-specific beam set optimization resulted in an average gain of 30% in downlink throughput and 10% better coverage at the cell edge. With accurate first time right digital 3D RF design, there is also no need for costly field interventions to correct parameter settings. 

Nokia’s digital design and optimization services do not only help achieve traditional performance KPIs, but they also help optimize radio access network energy consumption. This approach is unique in the industry. For a customer in Vietnam, we were able to decrease energy consumption by almost 14% just by adjusting radio output power on radio cell level without any performance degradation.

Why choose Enhanced Field Performance Validation over drive test?

Performance testing based on Big Data from the network is much more accurate than results from physical drive tests. Discover the other benefits in this infographic.

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What are the benefits of Nokia Planning and Optimization services?

Our Network Planning and Optimization solution helps tackle the following pain points:

Driving OPEX/CAPEX savings

The Digital Twin technology for network planning and optimization helps maximize the utilization of existing network assets and decrease the operational costs.

Helping increase revenue

An optimized network enhances mobile user experience, leading to higher data consumption per user and lower churn. It can also help gain market share with improved operator brand image in highly competitive markets.

Supporting technology evolution

The Digital Twin makes new technology and feature introduction easier, as the operator can test and verify the impact and optimize the network capabilities and quality before deployment. It also supports new device introduction and certification for end users.

Improving spectral efficiency

Making the best use of spectrum assets is essential. Our solution can help improve and maintain spectral efficiency in the network. 

Commitment in sustainability

Maximizing the utilization of existing assets and improved spectral efficiency mean that operators can avoid unnecessary investments in new assets. This helps improve the sustainability of networks.


Our tool ecosystem is open API based and easy to integrate into any operator’s existing processes.

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