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Technical support services

Maximum business value from network assets

With the adoption of new technologies come new challenges as operations and processes become more complex, requiring new skills to run multi-vendor, multi-technology solutions.

Nokia Technical Support Services is responding by going digital - expanding our capabilities by introducing technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, integrated remote operations, and enhanced knowledge capture capabilities.  

Ensuring the highest network availability across vendors and technologies

Nokia Technical Support Services helps communication services providers and enterprises acquire the necessary skills and capabilities to deal with any mobile technology and supports both avoiding and resolving hardware, software, and configuration problems in their networks.  

The result is optimal performance and reduced total cost of ownership. The services use proven processes and best practices to deliver timely support for issues ranging from technical queries to outage resolution/restorative support. Technical Support Services provide answers to product-related questions, troubleshooting assistance, diagnostic procedures, and remote diagnostics, as well as software fixes.

Nokia Digital Assistant

Nokia Digital Assistant can help your telco engineers and network operations center (NOC) staff work much more efficiently. Available through as a service model, Nokia Digital Assistant is trained for telco-specific tasks. It helps engineers access various information sources faster. Nokia Digital Assistant combines powerful AI-based Natural Language Processing with the vast array of tools, platforms, process, and information repositories needed to get a job done.  

With help from Nokia Digital Assistant, your engineers and technicians can:

  • Spend more time being productive every day
  • Find the right information instantly, instead of searching manually
  • Access all relevant tools, documents, and data sources through one interface

Nokia Digital Assistant is customized for telecom operators. Powered by our automated machine learning capabilities, Nokia Digital Assistant provides augmented intelligence, and access to a knowledge library covering various network technologies and Nokia solutions. Save your engineers the time and trouble of hunting for hard-to-find answers. Let them rely on Nokia Digital Assistant they concentrate on the network.

Software services

Our Radio software support services can help you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), speed time to market (TTM), and get the most from your radio software assets.

We provide comprehensive support that can meet the unique needs of your business and enable you to assure your services and deliver the seamless experience your customers expect. With a wide range of services, you can choose the right level of support to fully realize your business goals.  

Our support services offers the flexibility to pick the right services to address your specific needs. Each successive tier brings you more business value while further reducing your TCO. We back all our support services with appropriate service level agreement (SLAs).

  • Delivering services with a combination of local and centralized resources.
  • Leveraging our Global Delivery Centers we are providing 24/7 availability and emergency services.
  • Building on Nokia’s AI and ML capabilities, we provide automation and analytics for best-in-class prevention of outages, including predictive and proactive services.

Hardware services

Operators face new challenges for their hardware maintenance, with upcoming technologies. A wide variety of hardware units are being introduced, from very heavy integrated antenna systems to low value / high volume parts. With cloud computing spreading more and more environments, IT practices such as on-site repair become important.

With increasing requirements and needed availability, there’s no room for error. Network hardware failures can have a high network traffic impact, a more efficient, predictive hardware repair and maintenance approach is required.

While the new beneficiaries, the enterprise segment will also require a fast hardware issue isolation and fix, while also maintaining strong cost control. Because of rapid technology evolution, hardware lifecycles become very short, which has an impact on spare inventory investments.

All those challenges make it more difficult for customers to Manage their TCO while modernizing. As such, to limit their costs, customers are also looking forward to Digitalization and automation possibilities.

Our services help you tackle these challenges. Ensuring quality hardware repair and replace mixed technology units, as part of the end-to-end solution with varying volumes and weights. We also help limit spare part stock investments, that directly affect OPEX and CAPEX budgets.

Enabling a future ready workforce keeping pace with the technology evolution  

Digital transformation and increasing complexity of the networks drives the need for continuous upskilling and reskilling across the organization and the workforce. Nokia Learning Services addresses this strategic development need with a clear goal of ensuring high network performance and maximising the product adoption to differentiate in the marketplace. With a structured and wide range of flexible learning offerings, we support our customers with the highest level of capability readiness and quality of business outcomes.

Speed and agility to resolve issues

  • Single point of contact
  • Faster time to resolve
  • Automation and predictive analytics tools
  • 24/7 global remote technical support

Reliability and security

  • Carrier-grade and built based on best practices
  • Continuous security checks & updates
  • 24/7 availability & emergency services

Proven expertise

  • 25 years of software support expertise
  • 1000+ technical support professionals
  • Global and on-site capabilities that span across Nokia
  • Online technical resource & knowledge library

Flexible and progressive SLAs

  • Comprehensive: response, restore, & resolve
  • Value-based SLA for different levels of severity
  • Contract management support

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