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Long-haul portfolio

Market leading long distance, high capacity transceivers

The Nokia Wavence portfolio includes a range of Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) units for long-haul applications in a full-indoor configuration.

Designed to support long-distance, high-capacity, mission-critical applications, the MPT-HL units provide flexible, secure, scalable and highly reliable networks that also support a seamless TDM-to-packet migration path option. The Nokia Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceivers (UBT) low frequencies (6-11 GHz) family provides high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for long haul applications in split-mount or standalone configuration. The UBT-T is a “dual carrier in a box” configuration supporting multiple microwave frequencies. The Nokia Wavence UBT-T implements an innovative product design, with a hardware split between the active wideband radio part and the passive part interfacing the antenna. Thanks to this design, the UBT-T can be mounted on a diplexer or the outdoor combiner (OCM) used when high capacity links require multiple channels connected to the same antenna.

The UBT-T XP takes these capabilities to a new level, providing extreme and unmatched RF output power. Leveraging a highly advanced radio and carrier aggregation, the UBT-T XP, like other UBTs, efficiently supports backhaul with both multi-gigabit capacity and low latency.

UBT-T XP can be combined the Outdoor Channel Aggregator (OCA) to support mobile operators looking to expand the reach and capacity of their networks for rural broadband applications. OCA is designed for N+0 operations and allows for increased throughput with improved system gain of up to 10 dB compared with traditional aggregation methods. This is important to increase the link distance or to optimize OPEX/CAPEX by removing the requirement for larger antenna or repeater systems. Nokia is also introducing the Carrier Aggregation High Density (CAHD) card which adds ‘single-pipe’ capacity to the backhaul to support the link distance.



Split mount or full outdoor architecture
Very high capacity: 8KQAM and 112 MHz
10 GE interface
Dual-carrier radio
High PTx: 37 dBm
2.5 Gbps


Wavence UBT-I ANSI

Very high capacity : 4096 QAM and 80 MHz
10 GE interface
Up to 20 channels
High PTx: 38 dBm
N+0 Carrier Aggregation
Standalone (no IDU)



Flexible backbone with high modulation 
XPIC support
Up to 20 channels
High PTx
High capacity up to 10 Gbps


Wavence Outdoor Combiner Module

Split mount or full outdoor architecture
8+0 XPIC support
Space diversity configuration support
Efficient carrier aggregation 
16 channels
High capacity up to 10 Gbps

MSS8 rend_0-362

Wavence Microwave Service Switch 8

Modular: 8 slots, 2RU
6 x 10G interfaces and CA support
L3 VPN Services
Extended temperature range
Nodal up to 24 direction
Support of any UBTs: UBT-C/S/T and UBT-m



Highest density long haul system 
XPIC support
Up to 20 channels
High capacity up to 10 Gbps

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