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Network as Code

Enter the world of programmable networks 


What is Network as Code?

Network as Code is Nokia’s concept of extreme simplification of network capabilities to enable applications to dynamically change the network to optimize performance and user experience. 

It enables the building of a new business and technology framework, elevating the concept of distributed service chains to the mainstream in telecoms. This facilitates the inclusion of developers and the vertical technology partner ecosystem that is foundational for value creation. It brings new business value creation to cloud-native network adoption, openness, and the programmability momentum in today’s telecommunications domain.

A network-powered ecosystem

Taking inspiration from impactful initiatives like the Linux Foundation CAMARA program and the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative, establishing a network-powered ecosystem that involves CSPs, app developers, and enterprises becomes pivotal in propelling new revenue streams. 

All players within this dynamic ecosystem stand to gain: CSPs extend developer access to their network attributes, developers craft novel application experiences, and enterprises unveil innovative products and services. This synergy empowers CSPs to fully unleash the potential of their network through strategic collaborations with application developers, ushering in pioneering Industry 4.0 and consumer use cases. 

In essence, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement where everyone wins, propelling networks toward their ultimate potential. 

How to monetize 5G-era networks, successfully

Network as Code plays a pivotal role in catalyzing significant revenue growth by strategically aligning its capabilities with cutting-edge applications within the dynamic 5G-era network landscape. This synergy unlocks an array of unprecedented possibilities that stand poised to reshape industries and redefine experiences:

Empower drone software developers to elevate navigation automation and functionality.


Enhance network programmability to empower developers in enhancing the detection of safety hazards and accidents.

Elevate existing solutions in fleet management, autonomous vehicles, and more by seamlessly integrating programmable networks and 5G IoT technologies.

Enable the creation of new applications that demand specialized networks with ultra-high performance.

Going beyond CPaaS

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a well established market that enables customer interaction, marketing campaigns, customer support and more, using traditional voice, video and text communications. We are now beginning a subsequent phase that transcends CPaaS to unveil fresh capabilities within these contemporary networks. This includes real-time broadcasting of immersive video, offloading edge processing, and commanding autonomous vehicles or robots. This groundbreaking advancement empowers applications to interact and adapt in real-time, ushering in a realm of possibilities previously unimaginable.


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Nokia programmable networks in action: remote piloting of ships in port | Nokia MWC 2024

Empowering global growth and revenue generation

As developers strive for new revenue avenues and a worldwide footprint, they are progressively realizing the significance of efficient and rapid access to network resources. These visionary developers are not network specialists, their forte lies in crafting revolutionary applications rather than navigating complex network intricacies.

As such, they yearn for quick and simple ways to integrate into their familiar tools and workflows so they can easily onboard network capabilities within their applications.

The most simple ideal for developers is to write their application once to be used many times and this is supported by the concept of an aggregator platform that facilitates many-to-many access between their applications and network providers across regions and markets.

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Unleashing the Potential with 5G-Key Capabilities

While current solutions like Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) play a role, they fall short of meeting the dynamic needs of developers who seek to harness a broader array of network capabilities. The limitations of CPaaS, often centered around a restricted scope of communication services APIs, impede developers from realizing the true potential of network capabilities.

In addition, the significance of capabilities like low latency, quality of service, and hyper-accurate positioning cannot be overstated. These elements stand as the bedrock for elevating application performance, skyrocketing productivity, and ultimately forging a pathway toward innovative revenue channels.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, developers recognize that the future hinges on comprehensive access to network capabilities. As they craft the innovative solutions of tomorrow, simplified network APIs emerge as the cornerstone of their journey toward global scalability and revenue expansion.

Nokia's Network as Code platform and developer portal

Within the dynamic landscape of network-powered ecosystems, we at Nokia believe we can help enable and accelerate the opportunities for programmable networks and new value creation. Our Network as Code platform and developer portal closes the gap between diverse CSP networks and third-party application developers. Through our visionary approach, innovation takes center stage with an unparalleled level of simplicity and seamlessness. We harness our strengths in cloud-native network infrastructure, orchestration, analytics, SaaS, edge cloud, and digital transformation ecosystems to pave the way for a new era of programmable networks, creating a fertile ground for transformative innovation.