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Nokia Software

Helping customers succeed on their digital journey

Unprecedented disruption drives digital transformation, enhanced customer experience and new, agile business models.

Get ahead of digital disruption

Digital disruption is changing how people live, work and communicate. This disruption gives telecom providers worldwide an unprecedented opportunity to drive customer experience with more responsive networks and agile business models. Nokia is setting the pace of transformation for telecoms with industry-leading software that helps customers thrive on their digital journey.

Nokia’s Common Software Foundation (CSF) was the first cloud-native software platform for telecoms. Built on CSF, our multi-vendor and multi-network software solutions enrich and secure user experiences while ensuring that our software solutions are easy to deploy, integrate and scale. Nokia is the leading solutions provider in the telecoms software market.

Quick facts

Nokia Software is leading the telecommunications software market


customers worldwide


2019 revenues




Telecom Software and Services


Cloud-native core

Only a cloud-native core network can deliver the agility, automation and efficiency that will enable telecommunication providers to take full advantage of 5G technology. Nokia is leading the way to create and deliver cloud-native core network technology to telcos that address every part of the network with a consistent end-to-end approach. Nokia also provides graceful migration paths from current 4G deployments to help telcos realize their 5G goals. These capabilities have enabled Nokia to win a growing list of dozens of 5G contracts globally.

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Our software portfolio

Nokia software is dedicated to solving the telecom industry’s biggest challenges with agile, intelligent and lightweight solutions that help service providers evolve, scale and thrive on their digital journey. Our offerings span core, operations and customer experience applications and are designed to be standalone – any network and any cloud. We’re investing heavily in services to ensure that our customers maximize and protect their investment value with us.

5G Core

Agile and flexible, our infrastructure solutions are cloud-native, rapidly and cost-effectively deploying diverse services across a range of technologies.    

5G core

We combine deep telecom network expertise with advanced analytics and software to help you simplify your operations, reduce costs and grow trust.


Nokia’s telecommunications software helps you create new 5G services to create extraordinary customer experiences and drive revenue.



Nokia Software services and care gives you access to our global, multi-customer expertise in use cases, deployments, care and scaling to successfully deploy and operate software today while positioning your business for the future.


Software design principles

Customers expect 5G to be intuitive and simple, driving extraordinarily rich, sophisticated, and intelligent customer experiences.

To get there, providers are looking for modern, scalable solutions that advance their digital journeys and are driven by human centric design principles. ​

Nokia brings human-centric design to the next level with new workflows and ease of use to ensure the best possible connected customer experience. We have the software and expertise to transform your customer experience.

By applying advanced automation and artificial intelligence, you can simplify your systems and reduce complexity to drive agility, optimize revenue and reduce costs while maintaining robust security.

From modular roll-outs to full automation, service providers can rethink and update processes, test, deploy solutions in ways that ensure the highest levels of trust, security and controls are met.

Nokia enables the end-to-end transformation of networks, operations and business through zero-touch automation and native solutions. Our integrated automation solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to meet your business needs.

As business models continue their rapid transformations, service providers are looking for ways to adopt an open and modular architecture, using the latest technology so that they can harness a more dynamic, cost-effective, and outcome-based infrastructure.

Crucially important is the confidence to advance customer’s digital journeys with software solutions that deploy faster, offer increased agility and meet functional and reliability requirements.

Nokia is leading the way in offering tools and capabilities that create and expose the new value levers of the dynamic cloud-based CSP network by incorporating microservices and containers with a cloud-native architecture and the ability to deploy on any public or private clouds.

As 5G continues to disrupt the digital landscape, service providers are seeking ways to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Embracing new technology and beginning to deploy next-generation infrastructure creates the perfect time to maximize the impact of these investments and innovate at scale.​

Ecosystem ready means an open system, vendor agnostic and cloud-native so that our customers can maximize the value of their investments.

Nokia drives outside-in innovation and the next generation relationship between CSPs and consumers, enterprises and businesses. We enable ecosystem partners and business model innovation by building for openness and flexibility.

With a rise in connected devices, we ensure our products have security built-in. Our customers can drive trusted end-user experiences by providing security and privacy from the device to the network.

Software platforms that integrate and automate many security management functions are essential to security operations.

Nokia ensures security is designed into every product from the device to the network, undergoing rigorous security testing before commercial release. 

About Nokia Software


Our ambition is to help customers evolve to more agile, intelligent and lightweight services and offerings that capitalize on connecting their network to the business. We have invested heavily in a Common Software Foundation to drive faster time to market and ease our customers' implementation. Our multi-vendor, multi-network approach, coupled with cloud principles, provides more options to our customers at any stage of their digital lifecycle.

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Nokia Software is the leading telecom software provider

Nokia ranks as the top telecom software and services provider by market share. According to Analysys Mason, the global telecom software and services market in 2019 grew about 1% to $66.9 billion, with Nokia’s share coming in at approximately $4.5 billion. Nokia’s software portfolio leads in such high growth areas as virtualization, digital infrastructure, network orchestration and automation, AI/machine learning, and cognitive analytics.

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Setting the pace of telecom transformation

Nokia Software is leading the industry in 5G transformation by helping our customers evolve, scale and thrive in the digital era. Our solutions span core, operations and experience applications to help our customers connect their network to the business and move ahead. Nokia software is dedicated to solving the industry's biggest challenges with agile, intelligent and lightweight solutions that address our customers' current and future needs.

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