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Microsoft Airband Program

Nokia radio access solutions for Microsoft Airband Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Closing the connectivity gap together

Nokia is proud to partner with Microsoft, to provide Airband ISP members with a cost effective and high-performance radio access solution enabling broadband connectivity. The Microsoft Airband Initiative advances digital equity—access to affordable internet, affordable devices, and digital skills—as a platform for empowerment and digital transformation across the world.   

While a significant proportion of the world’s population enjoys internet access, there is no universal internet access. Providing universal internet access is a common challenge the world-over, with remote, rural and urban disadvantaged-populations most often effected; in North America this accounts for around 10% of the population. Nokia supports the targets set by the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, to make entry-level broadband services available and accessible for all by 2025.

Learn more about Nokia AirScale and FastMile products for Airband ISP members.

To find out more about Nokia’s offerings for members of the Microsoft Airband program, please contact us.

Nokia AirScale baseband

The Nokia AirScale baseband unit can support up to 84 Gbps throughput and 90,000 simultaneously connected users. This modular, high-performance baseband unit enables ISPs to cost effectively scale capacity in line with traffic growth, using a range of different ‘plug-in cards’. The modular nature of the AirScale baseband also ensures investment protection, which in addition to CBRS also supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

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AirScale baseband

Nokia AirScale CBRS micro Remote Radio Head (mRRH)

The Nokia AirScale CBRS mRRH provides the wireless connectivity with the FastMile CBRS receivers located in the community. It has a tunable RF power output, different antenna options, as well as a compact form-factor and several mounting options. As a result, it is highly versatile and straightforward to install, leading to more deployment opportunities and lower cell site costs. Operational costs are reduced through the use of a common management system.

AirScale CBRS micro RRH



Frequency band

FCC Band 48 - CBRS (3550-3700MHz)

RF Power output

Up to 4x 5W per TX path


~5.8L/ ~6.5Kg;

Mounting Options

Wall, Pole, Strand, Enclosure, Bookshelf

AirScale Micro RRH AZQC

Nokia FastMile CBRS receiver

Nokia FastMile Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) receiver is a key tool in connecting the unconnected.  The use of outdoor antennas eliminates the signal attenuation associated with indoor located equipment, ensuring higher levels of performance and subscriber satisfaction. Our part 96 certified FastMile CBRS receivers combine high gain antennas with a 4G modem in a rugged, visually appealing enclosure. These connect to the home network with an Ethernet cable and use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power the receiver and so require no additional cabling or equipment.  Pairing these receivers with Nokia WiFi beacons inside the property creates a robust and reliable solution to connect homes and businesses. The Nokia Wireless App facilitates installation with step-by-step instructions for both subscribers and professionals.


  • Outdoor mountable high-gain antenna.
  • Easily installed by customer using intuitive installation App.
  • Supports MIMO technology and carrier aggregation.
  • Connects via ethernet to either existing home router or Nokia WiFi beacons.
  • Ensures high-speed and high-performance home or office networking capabilities.

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FastMile CBRS receiver
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