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Autonomous customer care

The evolution to zero-touch customer care

The Nokia autonomous customer care portfolio enables you to personalize, anticipate and proactively engage with your customers across their journey. It includes customer service, home and access analytics and device management solutions for fixed and mobile services to improve the customer experience across all channels to reduce OPEX, help meet key performance metrics and boost NPS scores.

AI and machine learning algorithms developed by Bell labs along with the latest bot technology enables providers to proactively resolve issues before a customer is even aware, drive next best action troubleshooting and support new customer engagement channels.

Home and access analytics can help you use predictive care to reduce costs and deliver experiences that boost customer loyalty and revenue.

Our device management platform helps you manage, secure, and take control of all network-connected things. We are the global market share leader in device management solutions for the mobile, home, and Internet of Things (IoT) domains.

We support our solutions with world-class design, implementation, deployment, and hosting services. Our professional services ensure that you benefit from solid research and industry best practices.


Decrease customer effort

The greater a customer’s effort in resolving fixed or mobile network problems, the greater the negative impact on satisfaction and NPS. With Autonomous Customer Care customers benefit by having issues resolved quickly and proactively, helping to prevent “silent churners.”

Reduce operator effort and costs

Enabled by machine learning and AI, interactive bots can support operator CSR’s (augmented care) and will learn to take on direct customer care interactions (autonomous customer care). This reduces the volume of simple and routine tasks that need to be managed by agents, freeing them up to manage more complex issues or upsell.

Drive next best actions

Nokia Bell Labs algorithms build on workflow history, customer information and network status to select next-best action for an agent to use in that specific customer situation. Analysis of data captured from the network, CPE and trouble tickets allows the development of algorithms to better predict service disruptions and to take proactive actions to address issues.

Manage devices across the lifecycle

Our massively scalable solutions can help you deliver a better digital experience to your customers, control device lifecycles, and launch new services quickly and securely.

Interactive and proactive bots for customer service

Address the need for automation, less human intervention and reduction of number of issues that require troubleshooting as key to providing exceptional customer care.

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