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Customer Experience Analytics

A holistic view to customer experience

Understanding customer experience in a holistic way across mobile and fixed networks, services and business is an imperative for the communications service providers. Here are the three building blocks:

  1. Network experience
  2. Transaction experience
  3. Interaction experience

Deep customer insights increases NPS and decreases churn. An analyst study shows the drivers for NPS and churn are different, but network coverage and data speeds are common denominators. Imagine getting the complete view of each customer experience, across network, service and business layers

  • how the network and applications are functioning
  • how are the customer interactions and other customer journey touchpoints are working

We are helping communications service providers to become more customer-centric across their business functions: Service operations, engineering, customer care, marketing and management. These real-world proof points manifest how Nokia is helping communications service providers to excel in customer experience:

  • 5.4% - Network NPS improvement for a European Operator
  • 97% - Issues proactively detected before customers call care for European Operator
  • 40% - Improvement in campaign success rate when targeting satisfied customers for Middle Eastern Operator
  • 60% - Improvement in MTTR (mean time to repair) for European Operator
  • 30% - Technical complaint reduction in care by prioritising actions based on customer impact for Middle Eastern Operator

"Customer experience has always been important. But more so now than in the past, it is the one thing operators can really differentiate themselves with."

Justin van der Lande / Analysys Mason

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