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IP and optical
network automation

Boost your productivity

Go automate!

Our network and service automation solutions help you meet the time, cost, performance and quality requirements of the digital economy. 

To succeed in an online world that’s being reshaped by 5G, you need a network that quickly adapts to the changing demands of enterprises and consumers that want faster, smarter services. It’s critical to gain actionable insight in real time and respond to market demand in the moment. 

Network and service automation are essential for delivering on this new reality. That’s why we help service providers, webscale companies and enterprises build programmable IP and optical networks that are more responsive, efficient and reliable.

Key benefits of automation

Save time
Increase your agility and respond faster to changing demands

Save money
Cut down the cost of repetitive tasks and make complex operations simple

Improve quality
Reduce human errors and system outages, and deliver consistent, predictable outcomes

Let’s automate networks together

Looking to transform your operational practices with automated workflows? Quickly get up to speed on programmability? Develop and test new applications for on-demand networks? Our developer portal gets you started by providing documented APIs, code snippets, tutorials and a virtual lab for our IP and optical products.

Join a community of world-class innovators and programmers that are working to build on-demand networks.

"The NSP is a uniquely complete service definition and management platform supporting a blend of streamlined service definition with a powerful mediation engine that automates deployment of those services in a multi-layer, multi-vendor WAN.  Using a mix of optimization and management technologies hardened over 1000s of operator deployments, as well as important protocol and data modelling standards being widely adopted in large scale cloud and operator infrastructures, the NSP advances the state of the art in wide area service automation with the functionality it supplies in a single unified solution.  It will undoubtedly be a key ingredient in turning many operators’ WANs into agile service delivery platforms."

Paul Parker-Johnson
Paul Parker-Johnson / ACG Research

"We applaud NOKIA's initiatives to bring closed-loop automation to networks, and to help apply these modern methods to the large installed base of technology - achieving business transformation even ahead of underlying technology transformation."

Grant Lenahan
Grant Lenahan / Appledore Research Group

"Service assurance is a critical requirement for successful SDN-based automation and optimization in the WAN (aka 'carrier SDN'). Without adequate assurance capabilities, uptake of carrier SDN has been slow, particularly for complex multi-domain, multi-vendor networking applications. CSPs are recognizing the need for integrated assurance and asking vendors for solutions. In this market context, Nokia’s announcement of NSP with assurance is both important and timely."

Dana Cooperson
Dana Cooperson / Analysys Mason

“After a thorough evaluation, the Nokia Deepfield tool was selected by Telefónica because it gave the best necessary network visibility and actionable analytics that allow Telefónica to automate its operations and continue to improve its network and service capabilities.”

Stéphane Téral
Stéphane Téral / IHS