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Monetize the 5G economy

The 5G Economy

The 5G Economy is one of incredibly high customer expectations, increasing innovation and competition from unexpected players and new business paradigms enabled by the performance and flexibility of 5G networks. This economy creates new opportunities for service providers to reclaim their right to play in the digital economy by moving up the value chain from enabler to shaper of new customer experiences.

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Paradigm shifts in the 5G Economy

CSPs must adapt to these to maximize ROI

The 5G Economy is driven by titanic shifts in every facet of how digital services are delivered to market and consumed by customers. Only by adapting to these paradigm shifts can service providers maximize the return on their investment on 5G. Monetization systems are critical to ensuring they capture every revenue opportunity.

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Monetization systems must evolve to capture every revenue opportunity of the 5G Economy

5G monetization limited by legacy systems

  • 5G technology enhances network performance and dynamic NaaS, network slicing and automation
  • CSPs must maximize ROI by enabling flexible new business models to capture every revenue opportunity
  • Legacy BSS systems are not fit to capitalize on these opportunities due to their monolithic architectures and limited flexibility
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Monetization systems must adapt to the 5G Economy

Monetization is essential for CSP success. CSPs must ensure they adapt their legacy BSS systems to meet the needs and requirements of the 5G Economy. 5G introduces a new network architecture and concepts that result in new imperatives for monetization systems including:

New Revenue

Capture new revenue opportunities made possible by 5G capabilities

Business Agility

Faster time to market of services and offers while ensuring fast, flexible and open operations

Digital Practices

Meet CX demands of digital users for simple, transparent digital first commerce and care

Operational Efficiency

Software architecture that reduces total cost of ownership at the massive scale of 5G




Nokia Monetization Systems are built for the dynamic needs of the 5G Economy

The 5G Economy is one driven by extremely high digital user expectation for simple, immediate, and flexible experiences. This creates new revenue opportunities for CSPs made possible by disruptive offerings and business models, unlocked by the dynamic 5G network capabilities and supported by open and modular technology.

Nokia Monetization Systems have been developed to meet these needs and enable CSPs to effectively monetize every revenue opportunity of the 5G Economy.

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Solution highlights

The 5G Economy will be more dynamic than ever and will require flexibility and agility from monetization systems in order to monetize new services and service dimensions in an efficient manner.

New revenue from 5G

  • Differentiated pricing (speed, latency, reliability) and new usage charges (NaaS)
  • Network slice monetization by usage, quality or SLA parameters
  • Flexible product offerings for IoT, Enterprise, B2B2X, open partner ecosystem

Business agility and velocity

  • Empower the business to configure new offers, including partner offers
  • Leverage AI and automated decision making to drive dynamic pricing
  • Reduce vendor dependency with open APIs and SDKs

Embrace digital practices

  • Simplicity, transparency of offers and digital commerce models
  • Payment flexibility, quotation accuracy and transparency
  • Real-time personalized interactions using AI & analytics


Operational efficiency

  • Resource-efficient cloud-native, containerized microservices
  • Modular, distributed architecture that reduces resource consumption
  • Always-on and always innovating with in-service upgrades and CI/CD

This is all built on top of our Common Software Foundation, a framework for developing and releasing cloud-native applications utilizing opensource, open APIs, AI and automation to deliver innovation quickly to our products and customers.




Nokia are best positioned to support you on this journey

As a leader in 5G monetization, our systems will enable you to maximize your ROI. There are a number of significant benefits that we bring over others in the market including:

Designed for 5G

Nokia leads 3GPP standards definition, and alignment in our products to effectively monetize 5G use cases

CNF framework

Independent services to enhance flexibility, scalability, performance and CI/CD

Innovation built in

Products developed with Nokia Bell Labs innovation for AI and ML use cases and dynamic pricing

Years of experience

Serving over 80 operators around the world supporting nearly 1 billion subscribers

Reduce vendor dependency

Reduce vendor dependence with open APIs, SDK for customizations and no-code charging configuration

Nokia 5G Expertise

Built on out-of-box support for advanced concepts like end-to-end 5G slicing

At Nokia, we are at the forefront of building the innovative technology to support the digital transformation required by the 5G Economy. Our offerings and integrated partner ecosystem allow you to chose the best solution for your organization.

Don't delay in adapting to meet the needs of the 5G Economy