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Single RAN Advanced

The future just got simpler!

Cut the complexity

Nokia Single RAN consists of multipurpose hardware and common software for 2G, 3G, for TD- and FD 4G and 5G technologies. Supporting a multitude of hardware sharing options – radio, fronthaul, baseband, backhaul, OAM, spectrum – reducing the complexity and increasing cost efficiency – and all with the bonus of future proof end-to-end solution with strong security and one common operation and management.

Why should Single RAN be your top priority?

  • Are you ready to roll-out 5G, but worried on ever increasing complexity and costs?
  • Want 4G revenues without site visit?
  • Want to continue to support the legacy 2G and 3G technologies but with marginal costs?
  • Need to reduce your energy bill and CO2 emissions considerably?

Here’s is how your business can typically benefit

  • Single RAN reduces TCO by over 30%
  • Modernization of legacy network pays back in 2-3 years
  • Energy consumption is reduced in average by 44%
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing with SRAN reducing 5G roll-out cost by up to 60%
  • SRAN enables remote activation of new RAT in seconds

Interested to reduce your CO2 emissions?

Nokia has an ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the use of the Nokia equipment, and we aim for zero carbon digital society. Interested to know more? 

See Nokia's Zero Emission offering.

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