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5529 Inventory data manager

Quick-and-easy inventory reports for the entire network or a specific part.

The Nokia 5529 Inventory Data Manager (IDM) is an advanced inventory-management application that provides a centralized repository of network information. It enables quick-and-easy inventory reports to be run on the entire network or a specific part of the network. The inventory reports cover all important aspects, from details about equipment configuration to the status of individual circuits.

The 5529 IDM northbound interface is based on the widely accepted XML/Service Oriented Access Protocol (SOAP) Web service standard, and network element (NE) information is reported using the TM Forum Multi-Technology Operations System Interface (MTOSI) v1.1 standard. The 5529 IDM simplifies inventory information collection and reporting and Operations Support System (OSS) integration. This results in reduced OSS integration cost and complexity, as well as accelerated time-to-market when introducing new NEs.

The 5529 IDM is an enhanced application that is part of the broader access management portfolio, including the 5520 Access Management system (AMS) and the 5529 family of products.

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