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7362 ISAM DF-16GW

Small access nodes to get Gigabit broadband to more people, more easily

Gigabit networks fulfill the potential of our connected future, open up many possibilities for new services and give operators reliable value for years to come.

The Nokia 7362 Intelligent Service Access Manager (ISAM) Dense Fiber (DF) -16GW gives you new flexibility in your fiber deployment and helps optimize the fiber business case. With the Nokia fiber portfolio you can cost-efficiently address all types of deployments – high volume, high user density with ISAM FX and lower user density with ISAM DF. This means you can connect users with gigabit services no matter where they are, meet their bandwidth demands and generate new revenues.

7362 ISAM DF: small form factor access node that supports legacy GPON and Next-generation PON and enables operators to effectively deploy in smaller or lower user density areas.

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