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7368 ISAM CPE A-240Z-A

Make the smart home a reality

Provide a profitable and painless smart home experience with a gateway that makes it simple to connect devices and activate services. With our 7368 ISAM CPE A-240Z-A, you can unify and simplify the smart home.

The smart choice

The smart home opens up many opportunities for new services that will enrich the lives of your customers. These services will help you generate new revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Simplicity is the key. You need to make it easy for customers to connect their devices – and for you to configure their services.

Our 7368 ISAM CPE A-240Z-A smart home gateway delivers simplicity by combining unparalleled IoT connectivity with the most advanced Wi-Fi® capabilities. It’s the smart choice for the smart home.


The 7368 ISAM product family

The 7368 ISAM CPE A-240Z-A is part of our intelligent service access manager (ISAM) optical network terminals (ONTs) product family.

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