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CloudBand Network Director

Automate network services delivery and operation

Nokia CloudBand Network Director (CBND) automates network services delivery and operation in a distributed, multi-tenant, multi-vendor NFV environment while optimizing and governing the usage of the platform resources.

New virtualized services require an efficient NFVO to realize agility and cost advantages. CloudBand Network Director provides two main functions: As a Network Service Orchestrator, the system onboards Network Services (NS), automates their lifecycle, and provides monitoring and troubleshooting tools. As a Resource Orchestrator, CloudBand Network Director administers, provisions, monitors and optimizes NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) resources across geographically distributed NFVI nodes. CBND focuses on the automation of recurring service deployments and lifecycle processes ranging from single-VNF network services to SD-WAN with dynamic service chaining, VoLTE, vEPC, Cloud RAN and Gi-LAN services.

Through the support of TOSCA, an open, domainspecific model for NS, and open source workflow and policy engines, operators benefit from the rapid pace of open source innovation in carriergrade software that is ready for deployment. The architecture of CBND (Figure 1) is based on a set of micro-services. Plugins and ETSI NFV compatible APIs ensure maximum flexibility by enabling it to work with any vendor’s Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM), VNF manager (VNFM), SDN controller (SDN-C), EMS or physical network function. CBND is pre-integrated with CloudBand Application Manager (VNFM), CloudBand Infrastructure Software (VIM and NFVI), and Nuage Networks VSP SDN-C. Nokia Global Services offer integration services for components from other vendors.

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