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Deepfield Network Firewall

Real-time DDoS detection and mitigation

Our Deepfield Network Firewall delivers the most robust and comprehensive distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection scheme. It combines the Deepfield platform’s DDoS detection capabilities with advanced packet processing features of high-performance routing elements, such as Nokia FP4-equipped Service Routers.

Stop DDoS traffic before it impacts your business

Our next-generation approach to DDoS security makes your network and services more immune to DDoS threats by combining and automating DDoS monitoring and detection with network-based protection and mitigation. We can quickly detect new types of DDoS attacks, including volumetric DDoS attacks, sophisticated command and control (C2) attacks and botnet attacks.

Through the advanced processing capabilities of our FP4-powered Service Routers, Deepfield Network Firewall can drop, isolate and remove DDoS traffic without impacting your customers or your business.

This “insight-driven network security” scenario features tight integration and a closed-loop automation between Deepfield DDoS analytics and context-aware DDoS inspection and protection performed by the edge IP routers. It removes the DDoS traffic from the network with minimal impact on all other network services and users.

Network firewall

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Make the network a part of your DDoS solution


Network-assisted DDoS mitigation

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