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Flowone - service lifecycle orchestration

Orchestrate services across hybrid resource domains

Connecting the business to the network with a system that orchestrates services across hybrid (physical and virtual) resource domains. Works in conjunction with FlowOne Fulfillment for traditional OSS modernization programs. E2E Service Lifecycle Orchestration of complex hybrid services including virtualized cloud resources and traditional physical resources Freedom from vendor lock-in with a multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain platform

Modular components to provide the key functions of Service Lifecycle Orchestration including: Resource discovery, Service design, Service order, Service orchestration and deployment.

Operator challenges

How to simplify the underlying complexity of virtualization to enable more agility in designing, creating and delivering services across hybrid resources

We have good progress on deploying MANO systems as we virtualize parts of our networks but that has created a situation where we cannot utilize these new virtualized resources together with traditional physical resources when appropriate to formulate hybrid E2E services

We need to prepare for the roll-out of our 5G investment that will rely upon cloud-native principals. This will require a system to orchestrate slicing across multiple domains in an automated way

As we transform to digital (DSP),we need to enable +90% of our services to be ordered and delivered on-line

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