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Gigabit Connect with MoCA Access™

Featuring InCoax distribution point units (DPUs) and modems

Fiber-like services easily delivered over the existing in-building coax.

With Nokia’s Gigabit Connect solution, operators can easily and cost-effectively extend the reach of their PON network to MDUs and other buildings in which a full fiber deployment would be too expensive or complex.

Nokia’s Gigabit Connect with MoCA Access uses InCoax distribution point units (DPUs) and modems to deliver gigabit and multigigabit services to subscribers over the existing coaxial cable.

The DPU is connected to the XGS-PON on one side and the building’s existing coaxial cable on the other. The sealed, passively-cooled DPU can be installed outdoors or in-building and supports up to 16 modems in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topology. The modems can be self-installed and provide a low latency, 2Gbps symmetrical subscriber experience. 

As part of Nokia’s broadband access solution, Gigabit Connect is managed together with the PON as a single network. MSOs will especially value the MoCA Access flexible band allocation, which allows for coexistence with legacy TV services and DOCSIS.

InCoax D2501 DPU

InCoax D2501 DPU

InCoax A101 & A251 Modem

InCoax A101 and A251 Modems

InCoax A101 & A251 Modems

Benefits and features

End-to-end solution

  • InCoax distribution point unit (DPU) and MoCA modems are integrated with Nokia’s fiber access portfolio
  • Unified management with the PON infrastructure using Nokia Altiplano SDAN Management Platform
  • Flex bands allow coexistence with legacy services including cable-, terrestrial-, and satellite-TV and DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1

Deployment flexibility

  • DPU is IP67 rated and passively cooled for installation outdoors or indoors
  • DPU mounting options including pedestal, on-pole, manhole, and in-building
  • Both DPU and modems offer Zero Touch Provisioning to minimize deployment cost
  • Supports both P2P dedicated mode and P2MP shared coax topologies with up to 16 subscribers/DPU

Fiber-like performance 

  • Delivers a fiber-like user experience over existing coax infrastructure
  • Gigabit (1G/1G) and multi-gigabit (2G/2G) symmetrical service  with <5ms latency
  • Northbound 10 Gbps SFP+ slot port to connect with XGS-PON

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