Netguard identity and access manager

Secure physical and virtual network functions and resources

Nokia NetGuard Identity Access Manager (IAM) secures physical and virtual network functions and resources. It provides unified identify access control, single sign-on with centralized policy management. NetGuard IAM is the only solution specifically designed for communication service providers, delivering unmatched network-wide scalability, high availability, and supporting any type of network element, virtual network function and data center infrastructure.

NetGuard IAM centralizes security policy administration via a single application that seamlessly integrates into existing corporate identity management systems. NetGuard IAM significantly improves security administration processes across tens-of-thousands of users as well as across large, multi-vendor, multi-technology heterogeneous networks and applications. NetGuard IAM enforces robust and consistent security policies with automated network-wide security measures such as password aging and complex password requirements. Security privileges may be customized at the individual user level, assigned to a group or through an automated processes using a flexible rules engine.

Protecting today’s and tomorrow’s networks

NetGuard IAM is part of Nokia’s portfolio of orchestratable Network Integrity applications. NetGuard IAM protects physical and virtual network assets, while providing ubiquitous Identity Access Management to infrastructure, resources, and systems for traditional, virtualized and Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Address critical security management pain-points

Manage network function security

Automate and centrally manage passwords across all physical or virtual network functions.

Audit and replay user activity

Centrally log and review activity of users and processes; supports video logging.

Simplify user access, improve user experience

A consistent secure proxy portal with user specific credentials and a customized view of authorized applications, resources, and network functions.

Manage role based user privileges

Assign privileges by network function type, or management and orchestration systems.

Typical benefits

  • Exceed regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Eliminate insider threats
  • Improve security administration expenses by millions of dollars; accelerate incident analysis responsiveness by 80%
  • Secures virtual network functions, infrastructure
  • Harmonizes security access heterogeneous networks.

"With any network there are key security challenges. We need to make sure vendors and internal users are following the proper security policies. Role based access control is key. Nokia’s NetGuard IAM provides role base access control and ensures proper people have access to proper systems. Nokia’s single sign on solution is key to our network."

/ Senior Security Architect Bell Canada

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