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Lightspan access node CF-24W

Automate your operations and bring data center practices to the central office

The Nokia Lightspan Access Node CF-24W is an industry-leading high-capacity NG-PON access node that is optimized for deploying fiber from data center-like environments with centralized intelligence in the cloud. 

Nokia software-defined access networks bring a scalable, modular and data-centric architecture that allows operators to automate the network and unlock new capabilities with smart, cloud-native access. This new paradigm brings the opportunity to fundamentally rethink the central office design and include cloud functionality. As network functions are taken out of nodes, virtualized and centralized in the cloud, operators can make significant improvements in how network elements and services are configured and deployed. 

The minimal and high-density footprint makes the Lightspan CF-24W an ideal fit for repeatable engineered POD designs, where it can serve as the single unit of access capacity and maximize the modularity, scalability, and manageability of rack designs. 

The CF-24W enables operators to bring data center practices to the central office and automate operations. It delivers cost–performance leadership while optimizing the distribution of network functions to support flexible deployment within the central office and data center. The CF-24W is easy to program and automate with open APIs and integrates easily with embedded, virtualized, or in-cloud components from Nokia Altiplano.

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