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Lightspan MX

A high-capacity, modular, remote access node


The Nokia Lightspan MX is a high-capacity, modular, remote access node that addresses FTTx deployments with an open modular platform. Built on the Nokia Quillion chipset, it combines market-leading density and capacity. Each shelf includes six service slots and two common control slots for flexible deployment of mixed services. It delivers full flexibility and SDN programmability to meet the Gigabit bandwidth demands of residential and business users.

7363 ISAM MX-6

Density and capacity

  • Compact form factor occupies 2 RU in a 19” rack
  • Six service slots for high-density line cards
  • Modular architecture supports mix of services
  • Highest capacity in the industry for 212 MHz vectored ports
  • Highest density in the industry for VDSL2 17a/35b vectored ports


  • Scalable architecture for economical service growth
  • Integrated system level vectoring: enhanced vectoring capabilities
  • VDSL2 17a/35b vectoring features enable aggregate speeds 300 Mb/s and beyond
  • Gigabit connectivity and low latency both downstream and upstream with 2nd generation 


  • Secure investment in high-capacity remote node
  • Supports traditional management models (ISAM release for SNMP/MIB) and SDN programming (Lightspan release for NETCONF/YANG)
  • Supports point-to-point or GPON uplinks
  • Supports voice, VDSL, and point-to-point services
  • Ideally suited to outdoor cabinet or in-building deployments (low-noise, wide-temperature range) 

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