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Long-haul solutions

Market leading long distance, high capacity transceivers

The Nokia Wavence family includes a range of Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) units for long-haul applications in a full-indoor configuration. Designed to support long-distance, high-capacity, mission-critical applications, the MPT-HL units provide flexible, secure, scalable and highly reliable networks that also support a seamless TDM-to-packet migration path option. The Nokia Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceivers (UBT) low frequencies (6-11 GHz) family provides high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for long haul applications in split-mount or standalone configuration. The UBT-T is a “dual carrier in a box” configuration supporting multiple microwave frequencies. The Nokia Wavence UBT-T implements an innovative product design, with a hardware split between the active wideband radio part and the passive part interfacing the antenna. Thanks to this design, the UBT-T can be mounted on a diplexer or the outdoor combiner (OCM) used when high capacity links require multiple channels connected to the same antenna. 

Up to 20 channels, High capacity up to 10 Gb/s


Flexible trunking with high modulation 
XPIC support
Up to 20 channels
High PTx
High capacity up to 10 Gbps

Download Wavence MPT-HLC ANSI datasheet


Wavence Outdoor Combiner Module

Split mount or full outdoor architecture
8+0 XPIC support
Space diversity configuration support
Efficient carrier aggregation 
16 channels
High capacity up to 10 Gbps

Download Wavence OCM datasheet

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Microwave Service Switch 8

Wavence Microwave Service Switch 8

Modular: 8 slots, 2RU
6 x 10G interfaces and CA support
L3 VPN Services
Extended temperature range
Nodal up to 24 direction
Support of any UBTs: UBT-C/S/T and UBT-m

Download Wavence MSS ANSI datasheet

Download Wavence MSS ETSI Datasheet



Highest density long haul system 
XPIC support
Up to 20 channels
High capacity up to 10 Gbps

Download Wavence MPT-HLS ETSI datasheet

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